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Yeah, there needs to be someone actively banning bot accounts. They have started up voting each other.

I'm not a programmer but it can't be that hard to have an auto mod that can learn patterns and adapt to their tactics. Even if it needed help from a human to program in the variables to look for. Especially with AI.

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The auto mod can be modified yea, but the problem is that mods on most of the subs either do not know how to do it or are long gone.

And we are lacking an active admin here.

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Very disingenuous of you Gravi to state that now is the time to do something about spam when you know that this has been a long process and that it's still in process. The assumption that just now something can be done about it is really strange because we are doing something about it. We also know that IIT students in India are on break in June of each year, and we might see a decline in that kind of traffic in July, to the level of spam we saw before June. But you know M7 is appointing moderators, which you disparage by calling them jannies. You also have this ridiculous habit of banning users like me for no legitimate reason from /s/whatever and chat channels on a regular basis, disregarding moderation rules, and dragging down discussions with ad hominems constantly. What motivation is there for any users to be at Saidit when unhinged pubescent assholes like yourself are attacking said users on a regular basis? I spend hours daily deleting spam and banning spammers in 18 accounts. Meanwhile, a fraud like yourself focuses primarily on ad hominem comments, and banning me from /s/whatever and the chat channels. The amount of text you've devoted to your insults in the chat and in your comments in recent weeks is insane. I should put all of it in a post for Saiditors' amusement. It's like you're having a psychotic episode where you're actually mad at your dad but want to take it out on a Saiditor. You're the opposite person to entrust to moderation duties. Also: stop being so obsessed with me and take up a different hobby. And if you have anything worthwhile to contribute in a comment or a post, do that, for a change. Leave me alone. Also, read the moderation rules!

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Shut the fuck up and stop astroturfing.

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A reply to you is not astroturfuing. Your reply is an excellent example of your typical crybullying. You're also unable to refute any of these points. Seems others also don't want moderator abuse on Saidit. shocking to see 6 votes this morning. You and Larry will possibly be allowed to continue your destruction of Saidit. So keep your hopes up.

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kys faggot

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kys faggot

Yep - typical Gravi & Larry teamwork

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Clearly it's meant to make the spam seem less objectionable by comparison.

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kys faggot

3 insightful

Gee, I wonder why saidit has such a deadmall vibe?

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kys faggot

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The auto mod should be site wide.

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Against bots, yea.

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    Fuck the automod, we need to at least start issuing site-wide bans to those fuckers, not just cleaning up after them and expecting the problem to go away with time.

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    Of course. There should never be bot accounts with 50+ upvotes. That is an old account that nothing is being done about. But they will keep making new accounts so a big part of clean up will have to be better use of the auto mod.

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    you'd be surprised how fast that ways around the countermeasures can be figured out by a human who need constantly adjust only a few things on their spam generators

    its one of those eternal vigilance things

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    Better to force them into constantly changing than to allow then free reign.

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    yes and something like metering postings to a human speed possibly

    solutions really just to make it harder - perhaps some of those shape solutions puzzle things which changes every time

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    I'm all for there being more mods. I don't want to but I offer to help if no one is willing to.

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    So... what happens if these moderators come from Reddit and they impose the same linguistic harshness?

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    That's why it can't just be anyone.

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    I tried being a mod. The fucking site owner stabbed me in the back for it to let a Daily Stormer troll constantly talk shit to me non-stop on my own sub. He doesn't give a fuck and he's no different than a Reddit mod in any way, shape, or form, other than not being as leftist.

    Because I had a night shift on the weekends, I used to kill time by cleaning up spam on here in the subs I was a mod on and banned the bots. And like I said, the fucking asshole decided to shadowban me for it, and say "if you undo my rule changes, I'm going to ban you." All that shit that he decides to respond to me with, but can't do a single thing about the spam, at all. His bullshit, fake reputation is worth getting off his ass for, but not actually stopping spammers.

    So fuck him, fuck everything he stands for, and this site can sink, for all I care, if he wants to defend Neo-Nazi faggots and trolls like He Who Shall Not Be Named. And yeah, Mag will still spend more time removing comments that say anything remotely negative about him, than cleaning up the fucking mountains of spam that still get in between the fucking Cloudflare shit every 60 seconds on here.

    Hell, if I were to guess, I'd say Mag is a 100% true Californian. Shits all over the people trying to help them and fucks them over hard, while rewarding the criminals, and punishing everyone else with Cloudfuck. Yeah, he's definitely the Gavin Newsom of Reddit clones. It doesn't make those theories of him being behind the spam sound as farfetched now that I know not to ever fucking help this site again.

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    My gut feeling is that M7 is behind the spam and that he took a payoff so that you would intentionally destroy this site.

    You did all the work and M7 got all the reward

    His goal from the beginning was to round up all of the supposed free thinkers and then to destroy their place where they communicate.

    And I'm betting he got paid in the hundreds of thousands of dollars

    I'm betting maggie just bought a nice new car

    Do you know why his nickname is Maggie? Because he's a tranny

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    I have one more trick up my sleeve that won't require us to move to a different website, and it doesn't require m7's help (oxymoron) either. And no, not a private sub. We can still keep posting publicly here, and it will keep spam out nonetheless. I will reveal it soon.

    Edit: so here's my idea.

    • We create a MultiSub which tracks all the big subs that have at least one active moderator.
    • Then we try to get those mods to create everyone in /s/defaultmods a moderator there too.
    • We only read / post in subs from that MultiSub and promote it to others. Note that if something doesn't belong elsewhere, it can be posted to /s/whatever, which has active moderators.
    • Now a bunch of active users have mod access in all the relevant subs and we can squash spam on sight.

    What do you guys think? I'm using this comment because it's on the top, but when it fades I'll make a separate post for this.

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    But also I recommend simply going to Matrix. We have to tackle this at multiple fronts.

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    Those who do nothing are enabling the spammers and encouraging them to do even more, don't be a pussie. Stand up to them and click report, I reported well over 20 in one day. I hate cowards like Musky but maybe he's one of the reddit spammers trying to kill saidit.

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    How am I a coward? I have offered up my services in the past, but M7 didn't want me to be an admin, and I'm cool with it.

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    Your comment "I actually like doing nothing tho.". I'm not an admin or mod yet I report the spammers knowing if nothing is done saidit would die.

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    Yeah that's just cause my previous work clearing spam just got m7 bitching at me and telling me to piss off.

    I don't want to do it again.

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    Now I understand, my bad and either way I enjoy reporting the idiots. How much time it takes to create all the accounts and it takes me two clicks to report and hopefuly they get banned.

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    How much time it takes to create all the accounts

    Unfortunately once the program has been written I think it involves literally 0 additional human minutes to spawn new accounts.

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    kys faggot

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    kys faggot

    Why? Am I disrupting your attempts to get Saiditors to leave?

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    The only place I want them to leave to is a place where you don't post.

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    You know that's not the reason you've been actively trying to get Saiditors to leave. Many of us know your history.

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    If city hall does not share your concern then there's little that can be done.

    Reporting individual posts - sometimes the entirety of an account's activity- will not necessarily result in the account being banned then the effort is itself pointless.

    If the administrator isn't inclined to do more to help those willing to report garbage then there's really no point in reporting it in the first place.

    All anyone with access to the tools needs to do is go to "All- sorted by new" and they'll see what's going on without the extra steps of addressing individual reports made by users who want to help.

    I'll be damned if I'm going to report posts only to log back in (and prove yet again that I'm human) only to discover the accounts that I reported have plastered a few dozen more poops for me to report.

    It's his right to administer the site as he sees fit but as a result I see little value in wasting what little time I have pointing out problems that are not going to be addressed. Fuck it.

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    Well said, I've been reporting the spam for weeks now and the same shit keeps showing up. All it takes ( I assume) is ban the IP address of the spammers but so far that has not happen so I give up and will let saidit die.

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    I figure my only job is to not get overly aggravated when the site ultimately goes to shit. For me, reporting spam as a user should yield some meaningful results, like offending accounts stopped... within a day. They are not. Characterizing my frustration at this yielded a response along the lines of, "if it upsets you that much then do something else with your time".

    Fair enough- by itself, it's not unreasonable. My only request here on out is to please stop pretending to be concerned about the problem when you're not using administrative functions to any meaningful effect, leaving it up to users, who must continually battle Cloudflare's repeated and frequent "verification" process, to do the heavy lifting.

    I can't think of a more effective way to show the middle finger to users who are trying to help than to waste their efforts and time by doing nothing with the information they're providing by using the report system.

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    I had no intent on insulting or offending you but I'm ok with Cloudflare BS if it did what it should, seems like it is not so about all I can do is ignore the problems.

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    Not offended.

    My sense is that Cloudflare is not doing much beyond conveying the illusion of battling bot accounts by inconveniencing users without actually accomplishing anything.

    Having attempted to help the issue by IDing spam accounts and reporting all affected posts only to see the same garbage back a day later left me feeling that reporting spam had little purpose. It's like using a single shot musket when a machine gun is more appropriate.

    The nature of the issue doesn't seem to reflect even the slightest administrative effort to address a problem that reporting can only help to identify. If nothing is going to be done about the problem then there's no point in burning time and effort reporting it.

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    I agree.

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    I actually like doing nothing tho.

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    It is liberating.

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    I have a theory. I don't know if it will work, but it's worth a try.

    Stop making posts about it. That only let's the reddit cult (who I think is behind the attacks) know that they're being effective. It let's them know it's working to annoy everyone.

    Stop complaining and simply block the accounts. After a while, when they realize nobody cares and the simple solution is to just block them, they'll get bored and move on.

    Remember. this is coming from immature children.

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    Not all of it. This is also coming from people who are systematically trying to destroy the level of discourse as part of their goals. It's fine for people to complain but also to look for solutions.

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    Maybe. But Occam's razor would suggest that spammers are insidious and it's a neverending tide - as soon as they find a site their posts will stay up on they will flock to that site (much of it is to game search results/link farming). Spam has been a problem here since I can remember. You find the same thing on unmaintained blogs, fora, whatever - no bitter redditors needed.

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    Basically, only spambots create new accounts on Saidit.

    Whoever controls Saidit could, if they wanted, delete all spambot accounts (some of them are month-old accounts) and block new accounts (or posting by new accounts) until the US elections, which apparently triggers spam attacks (gotta 'correct the record' I guess).

    If this were done, only the real, interesting, human, Saiditors would post. It'd be awesome, but, apparenly, Saidit couldn't then ... 'grow'!? Why, had it been? Nope, it has steadily declined to a small fraction of what it was like three years ago, and the spam probably has a lot to do with its decline. The most upvoted posts don't even ever surpass 50 at this point.

    Anyway, it seems that they want the spam because, I've been told, it gives Saidit a fake higher-traffic profile, something that they, for some reason, desire.

    It makes you wonder, are they trying to sell it or something?

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    Maybe the relative inaction has something to do with the canary?

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    Question for all :

    A few puzzles

    why not shift to some minimum karma [ say, 400 ] before posting a main post allowed ?

    That would force the bots to actually concoct a reply. Although, granted, it wouldn't be much of a dialogue

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    You remember the GPT bot that was replying to a bunch of comments... It unquestionably made the site worse.

    [–]Cancelthis 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

    It is hard to imagine how the site could be made much worse than the current primary mods

    Verification is taking longer than expected. Check your Internet connection and refresh the page if the issue persists.

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    I cannot stand it anymore. I just try to upvote humans and wait shit out. But for every 10 posts, 11 are a bot. My bed is a bot, my breakfast is a bot, my dog is a bot, I, am beginning to transform into a bot...

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    He's a botward, he too a botward, I'M BOTWARD, IS THERE ANYONE ELSE WHO IS A BOTWARD THAT I DON'T KNOW OF? (Garry Botward shows up)

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    By the way, most real people are not going to post or view posts, simply because of the problem of software not working.

    Having an external server disrupt the links every 2 minutes with flashy link problem warnings .

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    Owner doesn't give a shit. Fuck it; this site is dead and he's to blame. Chased away most of the regular users on here with the Cloudfuck shit, too. And it did absolutely fuck-all to stop spam.

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    How does one even become a moderator?