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I never used the preview button because I never expected folks to be digging through my dirty laundry. You won't find any gems there.

I'll check out Stylus.

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/u/magnora7's suggestion of using your browser's Style Editor is better for most cases; Stylus is a way of applying stylesheets to arbitrary websites and isn't particularly well-suited to this task.

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Thanks for warning me. I had it in my DDG but hadn't delved yet.

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Don't feel guilty about 10,000 edits. I think everyone is trying to help you boost your CSS skills, but no pressure. The mod logs have filtering in place to not show all ya CSS edits.

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Is it only 10K? I don't feel guilty. Just exposed for some reason. Maybe excessive? I dunno why. A lot of those are just subtle colour shifts on one thing.

That's neat too. I'll have to check that feature out.