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So the human verification screening is not effective in stopping this? Please clarify its purpose, thank you.

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It reduces it by about 80% according to our last experiment. So unless you want 5x more spam even than we are already getting, it remains on.

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Fair enough and thanks for the response.

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good luck with that lol

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There is a different kind of spam too.
I often get replies that are unrelated to the subject. Look like sentences copy/pasted from 4chan.
And some people keep posting political opinion posts in unrelated subs. Then they also complain when it is removed.
It feels more like disruption. But these people also seem to have several mental issues.

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I think a lot of the extremely disjointed replies are AI or bots. I agree a lot of the disruption is intentional in an attempt to make this site nonfunctional.

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These types of bots seem to be getting more sophisticated.

On sites like reddit, it feels like 90% or more of the noise in front-page threads are AI bots that have the goal of mitigating damage to a company or political angle.

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I agree they're getting more sophisticated. They're getting better at working around the cloudflare too I think. Bad news for the internet and for information freedom.

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It's too bad there's no way to ban anything pointing to a certain URL. There are a pile of posts from different usernames that all point to If we could just say "On this URL, ban that user and post", that would save us a pile of trouble.

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At first, I thought this was a certain user here playing around, but I see that a lot of the spam with garbled headlines links to the Las Vegas Police Department. Specifically, the forum where there is a lot of the same spam that gets posted here. It looks like they've done to the LVPD website what they have been trying to do here.

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Yeah it's all forums, these attacks aren't specific to saidit. Forums are globally being deliberately ruined and whoever is running the programs to do it is committing crimes against humanity as far as I'm concerned.

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Election year

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Agreed, but that doesn't explain why today is worse than yesterday. I noticed the spam seems to be manually done, and the hours it's done aligns with work hours in moscow or israel time almost always, so it's probably one of the two

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Seems like a lot of effort to disrupt a site with a handful of visitors.

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I agree, but it's undeniable it is happening. Most importantly it's not just saidit, it's all forums. They target any forum that has more than a couple dozen people, it seems

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Living in a worldwide dystopian surveillance state is far more bland and annoying than it looked in the cyberpunk movies.

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Currently there is a spam-bot that posts every minute or so.
Maybe we should set all saidit-subs to type=restricted as default.
That means moderators have to login every day or so to allow the posts.

See sub settings :

public  anyone can view and submit
restricted  anyone can view, but only some are approved to submit links
private only approved members can view and submit

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I see your reasoning behind that, but it restricts the ability of people to have an organic flow to their conversations.

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I think that comments are open anyway.
And mods can appprove people that are not bots, and not disruptors.

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I just wanted to let you know that you are welcome. I even mark the perfume spam as spam to help the other moderators. I think it is about 100 people in India posting on your site and getting past Cloud Flare.

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The fight is getting good! Stay with it, stay hydrated, stay strong, DON'T GIVE UP.

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Maybe ruin the site with cloudflare more that'll help

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Nice to see you Mag. Hell yes. There's so much spam that has been taken care of. It's good we have a team working on it.

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new wave of spam this mornin :/

can a person be auto-muted if multiple post of theirs within a small time frame, gets reported by community? it will prevent them from making more post untill a mod whitelist them or decides to remove them. That way peoples post cant be removed from feed just cuz ppl dislike and report them, but it will prevent a new account from making 30 post in 5 min if they get mass reported and a mod just dont happen to be on at that time to put a stop to it immediately?

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Ah shit here we go. Soon the moderators will be removing ‘bad words’ and ‘political opinions that don’t align with their cock’.

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Soon the [admin] will be removing ...political opinions that don’t align with [his] cock.

He already does this shit.

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/s/Bitcoin is now temporarily for 'text posts only' which has stopped all of the spam

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Disable search indexing, ban by IP subnet :D

It is all SEO spam

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They don't use any subset that we can figure out any pattern to, they rotate between an extremely vast range of IPs that aren't within just one VPN or country. I'd have to ban a good chunk of all IPs, and I'd be banning legitimate users too, which isn't good. And then they'd just change to a different IP range anyway

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To find latest spam posts, go to the front page. click "all" and sort by "new". Check the list of posts nd usernames. Some things will stick out for anyone with a nose for that sort of thing.

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Spamming and spamming and spamming and spamming

I need to return to All/New to keep up with this one. Needs to be zapped.

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Something needs to be done.

I have made a point of monitoring and reporting spam over the weekend. Every time I view All, sorted by new (after verifying that I'm aa human, of course), there are a dozen or or more fresh spam posts to report. In the time it took m to report 11 such posts, start this thread and visit the front page to get the URL, four fresh posts by two different accounts clearly acting in tandem.

It is not manageable... it is beyond obnoxious, time consuming, and galling considering the number of times I've had to reverify that I'm not a goddam robot.

Clearly this is not stopping these fucking assholes and nothing is fucking being done about it.

Something needs to be done administratively to slow down this bullshit. It's a little like trying get rid of a pile of sand with a single pair of tweezers. Accounts need to have all activity sent to a moderating queue until they've made 20 good, thoughtful posts.

This is bullshit.


edit: nine more fucking posts... and I had to verify before reporting them

Subjects like: sdsd fjsdnfbjshdsdfb, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, hgc bvvhjfhg,

... and so on.

Jesus baldheaded transexual crack-smoking fucking Christ

Edit: ten (tenth was selling CBD so there was actually English)


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I mean yeah, now you understand why I'm so upset and despondent about the whole thing and have been for years. It's an impossible situation... thanks for helping though. It's insanely broken, and even with my hours and hours of trying to fix it it's still way out of control. It is what it is, and I don't think I can invest any more time trying to do the impossible, and it pisses me off very deeply. The people doing this crap should go to jail, but of course that will never happen.

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More spam inundation and ongoing. I do not have the time for this and if you cannot see fit to enact some administrative help to moderators nor show appreciation for people who take the time to report issues by slowing this garbage then shut it the fuck down.

The Cloudflare check regularly inconveniences users without doing one goddamn thing about the bad actors- yet you deem it necessary.

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Thanks for the help, but if it's that much of a pain to you, then you'd probably be better off doing something else with your time. Thanks again. I try my best and so do you, but we don't have infinite time and this issue is not at all easily fixable. If you want to help more that's great, if not, I totally get it. I don't have the time for this either. You do realize the issue would be 5x worse with the cloudflare off as our last experiment showed? Cheers. Thanks again for all the help.

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Or hey, you could even add a downvote button for stuff that is spam.

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Then they'd make 50 accounts and downvote all the stuff that should be at the top. We very intentionally removed it so that it couldn't be votegamed like it is so frequently on reddit. It's a way of removing censorship by bad actors

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Making 50 accounts and upvoting their own junk is even easier.

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I'm really surprised we don't see that more. Last time there was wide spread vote manipulation it was done by the 'Iron Left.'

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But that's much easier to detect and remove actually, much easier to deal with than downvote gaming