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nah its fake, thats just group mentality, lol.

a random left over trait of the past. you see it in dogs often, a normally calm dog can become agressive if its with another aggressive dog, pack mentality.

while i agree it could be hard for a person to stop being "stuck on stupid" (cb lingo, hehe). it doesn't mean your toxic.

we are in a soft civil war cause a big enough number of people throughout the nation and the world are stuck on stupid. it will go hot, idk when, im suprised it hasnt already tbh.

im just out here in the country waiting for shtf lol. im pretty much set with a pi zero, multiple cb radios and 2 sdr's

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Being toxic is the embodiment of hatred, hatred is real, fucking with people is real. Being toxic is real. It's like the guy at a party who fuckin ruins everything bc he's so caught up in his own bullshit that nobody else matters. Total buzzkill for everyone. Is being a buzzkill also fake? News next with guy who redefines words bc he never had that problem.

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all fakenews, go backout to reddit shill,

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lol, how does anything I said make me a shill?