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Shit. Time to find a new forum before the troons take over.

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They cannot survive free speech. It's like sunlight to vampires.

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Troons can't survive themselves almost half the time.

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Or each other

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no comrade, you must bully them merciclessly and make fun especially of their weak points

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Yup! This is one of the only sites we can bully them!

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Why? The troons can't beat us here, they'll just make themselves look silly

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Reddit's dying, but there are a lot of Reddit-alternatives competing to be the one to take over the cultural zeitgeist.

I don't think it's gonna be Saidit. When this is no longer a Reddit alternative, it'll be a Reddit-alternative-alternative.

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You forgot to get your alts to upvote you troll.

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I don't have any alts.

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I know it's hard to believe that in 2023, there could be human beings who just create accounts and use a forum the way it's intended because they want to talk to people.

It still does occasionally happen, though.

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You don't want to talk, you want to disrupt conversations. Your tricks don't work on me.

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Disrupt conversations, what, by offering my opinion? Do you feel like conversations are disrupted if everyone isn't saying the same thing in lockstep?

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There is a lot of people discussing things here, with different opinions. You aren't one of them, you just selectively pick arguments to get people triggered. That's disruption.

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"Triggered." Man. I don't know if you remember nine years ago when that was a brand new Woke word and everyone mocked it savagely.

And now here you are, using language that suggests that if I have a difference of opinion from you, it'll "trigger" a complete mental and emotional collapse in you.

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Yes you are the liberal that thinking screaming will solve their problems

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I know it's hard to believe that in 2023, there could be human beings who just create accounts and use a forum the way it's intended because they want to talk to people.

There may be, but you likely aren't one of them. Based on your comments you are a garden variety establishment neocon/shitlib, unironically calling people racist or white supremacist because they deviate from a dumbed down Jewish neoliberal orthodoxy nobody with a triple digit IQ actually believes. The fact is you would be able to spew everything you've said here on reddit, and would probably be upvoted for most of it, which means you aren't here to speak your mind, you are likely here to play games and stir up trouble.

You mentioned being on ruqqus to the very end. One has to wonder if you weren't one of the trolls that destroyed that site. You have a personality and commenting style that is pretty much the same as the ones who openly bragged about doing it. They too claimed to be on ruqqus because of free speech, while doing everything possible to end it because they didn't like what they saw, and they too were degenerate hectoring woke scolding shitlibs.

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That's a whole lot of assumptions, traveller, and the vast majority of them are wrong.

And, no, I'm not welcome on Reddit. They did a pretty damn good job of banning me there. After about ten attempts to evade, I just thought: fuck, what am I doing, I hate this place. So, at this point, it's been years.

Ruqqus wasn't destroyed by "trolls." Ruqqus was destroyed because the admin got cold feet. When Reddit banned r/mtgow, that community tried to find a new home on Ruqqus, and the admin was like "Whoa, whoa, we don't want that crowd here. You know what? Being an admin sucks. I'm releasing my source code and calling it a day."

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Ruqqus wasn't destroyed by "trolls." Ruqqus was destroyed because the admin got cold feet.

Oh we know happened to ruqqus. The admin didnt get cold feet. They literally laid a honey trap. The entitled censor happy Jewish supremacist overlords that pretty much control the internet now were worried that the extremely popular subs that reddit banned would simply set up shop somewhere else and the communities would move there, and without hand picked reddit admin breathing down their necks would flourish. So the ones that owned Ruqqus welcomed those subs with opened arms and promised they wouldn't interfere.

Once they made the move and those subs were established in Ruqqus they then handed over control of them to the reddit AHS crowd, who wore those subs like a skin suit after effectively killing everything that made them popular. Keeping them around as a trophy.

People saw the discord conversations that went on. The operators of ruqqus intentionally colluded with them, knowing it would kill the website eventually, and it did, but they didnt care because the website only served as a honey trap, and the goal was to kill those subs. Whether they intended this all along or gradually went along because of relentless threats and blackmail is hard to say, I lean towards the former.

Now to be honest the crowd that set up shop on ruqqus after being banned on reddit werent my thing anyway, and I never really spent much time there and can count on one hand the number of times I commented, but that's besides the point. It was a valuable lesson in Jewish power and obsessive authoritarian control, which we have seen in full masks off mode since they got their zombie golem Biden selected president.

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Yeah, that's... not what happened.

Antisemitism flourished just as hard on Ruqqus as it does here. I'd get savely downvoted every time I rolled my eyes at the conspiracy theory that Jews are an organization hell-bent on global control.

Your theory is that "The Jews" set up a honeypot for people to savagely libel them and call for their extermination for like two years, just so that at the end they could go "Ha ha ha! Now you have to move to another site!"?

It's... a nonsense theory. What really happened was obvious. The admin was graduating from college with a CS degree and he didn't want to go into the job market and have HR companies Google him and find he was actively running a website for white nationalists and antisemites.

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Hematomato seems okay to me.

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Read his comment history.

It's also a 10 day old account add to the fact it was made on this particular period with the DDOS'es and such.

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I dunno, I probably disagree with him on some stuff but he seems to argue in reasonably good faith.

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So do I but I'm still a troll

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Which ones?

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What, like which one is going to become the Next Big Thing? Something with a lot of money behind it.

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Like FTX

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Reddit, in a vain attempt to keep the people they don't like off of it, has become so draconian that new users just leave since they can't participate in the conversation. Reddit has essentially killed any growth.

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    Ops you forgot to get your alts to upvote you this time?

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    Oh no, the Canadians are coming, ermagerd

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    This should definitely be interesting.

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    done, you're welcome

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    In order for SaidIt to have "explosive growth," it would need active development.

    Free speech platforms are pretty much always under attack, no matter the size.

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    Just do to them what we did to those Journa.Host losers over on Fedi and bully them mercilessly to the point they need therapy.

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    You gonna keep bullying every single troll that enters the website? Go for it

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    And that's when I'm out. I'll fully admit, once you get to a certain age, echo chambers are just fine. It all depends on what you use the internet for. I've made my decisions, all the socks and tygerstrype faggots in the world aren't changing my mind, calling me out with any effectiveness at all, or making a damn bit of difference in my life. I just want to make jokes and read shit I can't elsewhere. People = shit. The more that come here the worse it will get, for a lot of different reasons.

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    The more that come here the worse it will get, for a lot of different reasons.

    I really doubt that. I think magnora's system that allow any community to become their own echo chamber if they remove themselves from all basically remove the longterm problem of user growth.

    Just look at Twitter. You need to block a ton of people, just like saidit. But it's still one of the best social media platforms.