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I've got bad news. If you were to scroll to the bottom of the Saidit page and click on the 'open source code' link, you would see that the source code has been archived, meaning it is no longer actively maintained.

Magnora7 seems uninterested in even appointing enough admins and mods to remove the waves of Indian scam business posts

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Damn. I don't want this site to die.

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Neither do I, it has its faults, but there isn't exactly anywhere better to go. I hope this wave of new users from reddit inspires magnora to attend to some of these things so we can retain some of them.

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Do you know if we got that many users anyway?

The only way to get a lot of users is moving communities, I know the gay subs around here all moved when reddit made a rule you couldn't make "divided communities" (or something like that) that meant like the /r/LGBDroptheT that divides the LGB from the T it led to a ton of banned gay subs and /s/LGBDroptheT is still here to this day. But a lot of other ones just died (mostly the feminist ones)

I know /s/WayOfTheBern moved here let's hope that stays.

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Just put of curiosity, what nicknames do you have in mind? 😄

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Ok so there are some users who are just stupid but reading their comments is funny I would like to label these as "stupid" so I know they are probably trolling with their comment when I'm trying to have a serious discussion. I wouldn't want them blocked since their comments are funny

There's also the gays from the gay subs here and I would want to label them as gay because they have a big bias from being in that circle

It's purely technical nicknames, I don't want to put funny names on anyone for self laugh or something like that

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Might be possible with RES enhancer?

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What's the RES enhancer?