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Anti semitic, how so. Point to posts that are what you say they are. Would you be refering to my post about the jesuits?

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I'm referring to stuff written like this:

Jews did 9/11. [Claims] [Claims] [Link that doesn't back up claims] [More claims] Proof: [Yet more claims] Therefore, we should hate all Jews.

While I don't agree with your Jesuit post, at least you're not trying to manipulate the masses by writing stuff that seems to be evidence but isn't.

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Jews didn't but many evil people did who happen to call themselves Jews. People conflate Jews as a whole. And that they act as a collective, which is wrong on many levels. Most Jews are innocent and when I see people claim that JEWS did 9/11 it seems like a PSYOP to thwart any blame on the real players, whether the majority were Zionist Jews, Israelis, Catholics, Atheists,etc,. We know the beneficiaries of 9/11, we can name them and not generalize an entire population of people as if they are also guilty.

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Apart from the specifics about 9/11 (which I don't think was a conspiracy, but I don't know enough to claim to really know), I agree wholeheartedly with this post. It's a common, or at least plausible, tactic: blame a big group of people, then claim that "specific subgroup B didn't do it, therefore nobody in the group did anything".

For added points, blame a group of people that barely intersects with the actually responsible group, then get the discussion tied up over which subset of your blamed group was actually responsible.

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If you believe the offical narrative it is still by definition a CONSPIRACY.

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Fair point.

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