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I agree.

However if one person makes 50 accounts and just posts garbage to the front page 500 times a day, drowning out all the other posts... is that free speech? No, that is someone trying to destroy the forum. They are trying to drown out legitimate conversation, and are thus encroaching on the free speech of others and trying to silence them!

What do you think should be done in this situation? Just let someone spam so much nonsense until this forum is worthless?

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I think for just about any given situation, potential problems wait. If there are those who want to cause issues, then they usually have a decent chance, short of just getting bored.

As far as posting, and quality of posts, that's a possible issue right there. For example, I like reading current events, sometimes I hunt down really off the wall weird stuff, and why, I don't know. I like sharing what I read, and post it here, or on Facebook. I usually try to write out a decent comment, but where I fail, is in further discussion. It's not so a real mystery to me, but just falls into the line of not really that talkative. So, in a given day, I can post up usually between 5, and 8 topics.

If we're worried about a front page, and what people see, it may need for that page to have tighter controls; perhaps even manually elevated topics for discussion.

I'm not really sure, but I do know, the enemy usually uses rules against others, and if they're aren't any rules, then they give reason to.

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perhaps even manually evevated topics for discussion

This is arguably worse than establishing rules to prevent this, because at least you can try to use the rules against the hypothetical Evil Magnora7.

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He's Evil like Kneivel.