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Also on /s/MartinTimothy, and currently on the top of the front page with 12 insightfuls:

Oberlin College Ohio Dismisses Professor Joy Karega For AntiSemitic Statements - Re her assertion on social media platforms that "ISIS is really an arm of Israeli and US intelligence agencies, Israel was behind the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris and that Zionist Jews were behind the 911 attacks

… linking to an article in which the professor claims that those assertions were taken out of context, so shouldn't really be attributed to her. Below which the OP links three relevant other articles, along with a "quotation" from the OP written as such to give it false authority.

This behaviour is stunning.

It exploits the fact that most people don't click to read the comments before voting, whereas those who do assume that the OP's (top) comment is supported by all of those votes. Pretty shady behaviour.

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This is why I want a site-wide CSS to increase the size and visibility of the votes (and maybe the time and/or reply buttons too).