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No surprise it's just a bunch of posts complaining about reddit. That's soooooooo common here. The only explanation for this is you all miss it, soooo badly, it's so glaring.

Let it go. It's a fucking website.

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You don’t fucking get it. You just don’t fucking goddamn get it. This is about oligarchs controlling the free flow of information.

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Settle down fag. It's a website. One you can avoid and start another. It's actually good they are so overboard, it grabs more normies that way. You need shining examples of mental retardation to grab the most possible idiots who couldn't otherwise understand it.

You however can forget it exists and not think about it like a normal person. Go to the beach or something.

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      Get waterboarded for terrorism, goy terrorist. You couldn’t get it up with a dump truck full of Viagra.

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      All non-Jewish religion constitutes devil worship. Jews will replace whites, and the more you commit verbal terrorism against God’s chosen people to manufacture consent for physical terrorism against us, the sooner that will be.

      Your children are inbred brats whom even child molesters don’t want. Even so, you raped them already. Typical cracker behavior.

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      Don't advocate violence on saidit.

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      I did no such thing.

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      Yes, you fucking did, and you know it, cracker. Every word uttered by the oppressor classes is hate speech and hate speech is verbal terrorism.

      Let me make this perfectly clear: hate speech is determined by the speaker, not the words being spoken. Terrorism is determined by the target of the attack and the motivation for the attack, not the method of attack. For those same reasons, rape, racism, and pedophilia are about power, not prejudice or sexual desire.

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      Nope that wasn't it, try harder.

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      Your mother and father are blood relatives and so are their mother and father. You’re so inbred, your family tree doesn’t have any branches!

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      Sorry nigger. Nice try. Didn't do it though, try harder.

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      You clearly did it twice already, lying isn't helping your case.

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      You said "go hang yourself"... clearly you did. Don't do it again.

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      Don't be so sensitive. That in no way advocates violence. Suicide isn't violence, it's ones choice to be a weak ass person and rid themselves of their pain instead of using it to grow. Not violent. Not violent.

      If I said I was going to find him and hang him, you'd have a point. Surely, you have better stuff to do.

      "Don't do it again" Wow. What a pussy reddit thing to say.

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      I enforce the rules here. If you advocate violence a 3rd time, I will ban your account. I don't want to, because you've been here a long time, but I also can't have people openly advocating violence on this website. I am giving you fair warning so you can keep your account. If you want to break the rules and lose your account, that's fine, but I've warned you many times.

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      Don't advocate violence on saidit.

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      You allow hate speech here. Hate speech is verbal terrorism. Verbal terrorism is incitement to the physical kind. Those targeted by the verbal and physical kind have no choice but to retaliate in kind. It is the Jewish God‘s law. Leviticus 24:19–21.

      The Jewish God is God and His laws supersede the terrorist fascist speech restrictions of this degenerate shithole.

      Meanwhile, you say nothing to those who engage in actual terrorism against Gay people. Gays are a protected class, just like Jews and Black people and the Republican party, so any and all hate speech against us is terrorism to be met with military retaliation. YOU are creating an unsafe space by allowing the oppressor classes to post here while furthering THEIR oppression and THEIR violence by warning for retaliating against their verbal terrorism instead of warning them to stop engaging in verbal terrorism.

      You have failed in your duties because you have created an even greater necessity for the removal of the oppressor classes by every means necessary than ever before. By EVERY means necessary.

      This website is a joke and you are the punchline. Every other poster here outside of the LGBDropTheT contingent is either a racist or a communist. Either resign as moderator or I will report you to every three-letter agency in the country for aiding and abetting terrorism for creating a breeding ground for white supremacy, antisemitism, and homophobia.

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      What a kikey faggot nigger!

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        You try sooooo hard. I love it. I'm already on the list you fucking spearchucker, go ahead.

        We all know being a gay jew nigger must be tough. I mean a slimy child porn watching criminal with this incessant need to steal every bike they walk past must be a really hard way to live.

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          And the most 'fun' posts ever. Kind of fun to look through:

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          Idk that those are really the 'top posts'. Look at the dates, almost every one of them is '2 years old', this is just a period of time when the user base was at its largest.

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          This is the correct link

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          You misunderstand me. I realize those posts have the 'most votes', but almost every one of those posts is just from a period where Saidit had more users to upvote things, not because those posts are particularly great. 99% of all Saidits 'top posts' happened between 2-3 years ago

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          It’s wild seeing 200 votes on a post.

          Also, I think this site would get more engagement with a downvote button.

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          Also, I think this site would get more engagement with a downvote button.

          I fully agree - I don't even think we need to make it give negative karma, but it would show the difference between a post with 10 likes and 1 dislike, vs a post with 10 likes and 50 dislikes, people could still get the message that the post is disliked by many, and give people a way to voice disapproval that gets noticed without taking away visibility.

          I don't like the negative karma, a post with 3 upvotes and 3 downvotes is generating more interest than a post with 0 of each, but both would have 0 karma

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          Yea. No negative karma is a good way to avoid trolls or like “professional trolling”.

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          No. Fuck that. One of Reddits biggest issues was the shitty upvote/downvote system. I like we're more like 4chan in that sense. No echo chambers and free speech.

          You wanna go right back to being reddit? Fuck that.

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          I doubt it’s going to go back to Reddit. Lol.

          Yes. Like I just said above, I would like upvotes and downvotes.

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          What is even the point of them? People just use them as a I Agree and Fuck you button. It's completely non conducive to real speech as it turns the place into an echo chamber when people are influenced by them. Fuck that. It's a shit system. Go back to reddit if you need that.

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          I am here for free speech.

          Here, I can call you a faggot. I can tell transsexuals they look like men, they aren’t passing. I can say the N word. I am allowed to be racist. We can talk about Jews. Etc. I am here for free speech.

          I’m not here because I’m an edge lord fag who is just trying something new. I’m here because I’m permanently not welcome at Reddit.

          I liked the upvotes and downvotes. Don’t tel me to go somewhere else. I have just as much right to be here as you. And my opinion is no less than yours.

          You think you’re correct. And that is your opinion. You are welcome to it.

          I DISAGREE.

          I would like an upvote and downvote button. It’s not my fault you can’t think clearly when people are voting.

          If it makes you feel better, there will be no significant changes to this web site, ever. It is stuck like this forever.

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          It is stuck like this forever.

          Good, because it's my opinion upvote/downvote system is extremely detrimental to people speaking their minds and creates an echo chamber.

          That's hardly an opinion, it's more of a fact.

          And I can tell you to go somewhere else just like you can call me a faggot.

          Cheers mein neiger

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            Will Saidit continue its downward slide, I wonder?

            Saidit is a dead man walking.

            1. The source code is archived, and M7 is inactive
            2. There aren't enough admins to even remove the spam, most of the sub mods are long inactive
            3. Most of the comments are personal attacks and other direct violations of the pyramid of debate, we are essentially unmoderated

            This is a zombie site, but there isn't anywhere better to go

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            Is mine now?

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            I came back here after a year and it is still just as dead as before

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