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    Yup, and it's been happening for years. And right now ElfishPresley just got caught advocating violence and the account banned, and then they deleted every single comment they ever posted using some automated software in minutes to take content from saidit. Notice how only the ones where he was caught advocating violence say 'removed' but all the others say 'deleted'? They're all about sabotaging this site, it's been going on for years. It must be paid, they have all these tools and endless persistence

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    When an account is banned, the posts and comments can be deleted. That's part of the process. Anyone can retire an account and start a new one. You make this seem much more interesting than it is. (It's not. I regularly retire an old username and move to new username. It's also important to repond to the KKK assholes on this website. And you really are delusional when you assume anyone would be paid to visit this tiny website. Grow up.)

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    It seems Socks didn't get enough jabs.

    A disappointment.

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    Who cares? He’s funny as fuck. There’s no users who it’s okay to ban.

    If you hate him so much, BLOCK him.

    This is part of being on a platform that has free speech.

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    ^ Account created 21 days ago.

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    That is not an argument. You have only been here a year, you are a baby.

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    No, it's fine to ban users who promote violence, as Socks does often.

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    Banning is not an effective way to deal with undesirable people and I should know that better than anyone because it takes all of 2 minutes to register another account.

    I do find it interesting that saidit seems to be working as well as it does even though it doesn't aggressively block people from establishing a new account after being banned.

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    I think a warning is sufficient. And block him and his associated accounts.

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    This is not a free speech platform, and you didn't see his very specific threats against Cucker Tarlson, did you?

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    No. I don’t know exactly what you are talking about.

    If they’re like specific threats or planning, that has to be stopped. I don’t know what to do in that instance.

    I just know I don’t want to be banned for my thoughts or words like I was on Reddit.

    Like first tucker carelson, and then next I’m getting banned for calling someone a cuck.

    I am concerned about my liberties on this platform.

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    Excellent points. /u/being-poisoned is a traitor, much like Carlson.

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    Socks here is just pissed that I'm voting for RFKJr2024

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      Carlson began his media career in the 1990s, writing for The Weekly Standard and other publications. He was a CNN commentator from 2000 to 2005 and a co-host of the network's prime-time news debate program Crossfire from 2001 to 2005. From 2005 to 2008, he hosted the nightly program Tucker on MSNBC.

      Get rekt you dumb bastard

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        Do not advocate violence on saidit.

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        Did you ban this person (who advocates violence regularly, especially to me)?:

        SMCAB 1 insightful - 0 fun - 16 hours ago*

        Lol? I love it when you expose yourself as a teenage girl. What a faggot!

        If I was in the KKK I would have hung your nigger ass already. Dumbfuck.

        My guess is that you've not banned him. Instead, you can see that one or two voices who challenge the extreme racisim here generate A LOT of engagement and traffic. You wrote something like this a long time ago. The racist circle jerk you've otherwise developed will remain small, stupid, and mean-spirited. Nothing of value or interest can come of a website that censors its one or two dissenting voices, while also claiming to promote free speech. In 2 years I've seen Saidit kill itself, partially thanks to the way you've managed it. I've also learned how much of a traitor /u/being-poisoned is in recent days. He knows how much Saiditors promote violence regularly, so my comment about what Tucker deserves for his role in dividing the US was an attempt to see if BP would be a hypocrite (to focus on me instead of the others), and it worked. There's not much left on Saidit that's laudible and interesting. Discussions and arguments on controversial subjects would work at Saidit and when that's happened, I and others have generated so much traffic and interest in the website (by contrast to your refusal to do anything here). You and some others keep the SMCABs and Oyveygoyims, and censor those who disagree with constant front-page posts focused only on hatred and false comparisons. You can help Saidit develop, by encouraging a few of the interesting users, and the others will follow. Or you can watch Saidit continue to decline as a mean and stupid cesspit. If the latter, you are wasting your money.

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        I so fuuucking love soooo fuuuuuucking hard that you're talking about me right now. Keep going! I'm about to cum!

        You are such a crybaby little faggot.

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        Fine work here, advocating violence and getting yourself banned. I guess you and Tucker have a lot in common after all.

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        What's wrong with the GOP? Are you an anti-semite?

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        Another example of you being a traitor to those around you.

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        this is called presenting evidence for my argument, nig

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        no - it's just you being a traitor - nothing more

        this isn't important at Saidit; but it is generally significant

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        Do not advocate violence on saidit.

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        One time sucks probably threatened to ruin my reparations in this forum he said that he would destroy me.

        I should have reported him before it was too late but I was scared

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        You were scared of what?

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            so you admit to promoting violence... ur banned bud

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              im so happy that your balls finally dropped. peach it brother.

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              as Socks does often.

              Not true, Jet. You're a traitor.

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              I guess I'm not on this site enough to know about that. I don't quite get what that image shows. For people who don't quite take rumor at its word it would be cool if you had screenshotted examples. I think that would be moving up the pyramid of debate. Using evidence instead of accusation. I'm sure it exists but screenshotting that instead would be an improvement. Posts like these just give me the shitty side of voat vibes where manipulative and low effort account drama is constant.

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                So just being himself then.

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                  Stick to your main account site_rly_sucks. People aren't going to forget you're a cuck faggot just because you created yet another alter ego.

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                  That's a different account.

                  More users should respond to fascist assholes like you and Oyveygoyim. Your attempt to censor a user shows how much of a pathetic coward you are. When I see KKK activities on Saidit, I might respond. Deal with it, pussy.

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                  Replying to comments (that was ONE user) is normal. Those responses inspired users to join in the racism. It did not shut down anything. It inspired the KKK assholes to make numerous comments. Look at the thread. There might be more responses to dumbass fascists here. You will not be able to shut that down.

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                    You're destroying it by hijacking every other thread to cry waycism.

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                    No admins. 👌

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                    For fucks sake. For the 900th time! You guys engage, he stays. You don't, he leaves. IT'S THAT FUCKING SIMPLE. Your replies are his lifeblood. It's what keeps his ass fat.

                    Now, I didn't catch on that the elfishpresley name was his right away, and I engaged with him the other day, so I get that.

                    He's a literal fucking child. The way he thinks is childish, the way he talks is childish, the way he operates is childish. And children stomp away when they don't get what they want, in this case, engagement.

                    You're in control of socks staying here. If he didnt get one response for a week, he'd leave. I'd bet every penny I have on it.

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                    I like Socks here. The rest of us, we all pretty much agree with each other. Socks is like all of Reddit ideology rolled up into one person. It's useful, creates engagement and it's interesting to see what tactics and talking points his side is rolling out.

                    And he's interesting to talk to when the subject isn't political.

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                    Nah. The tactics are boring, well known, tired, transparent and predictable. There's only one playbook.

                    He advocates for his own demise, which makes him a dangerous human being because at the same time he advocates for mine. He's worthless, useless, and a danger to your liberty.

                    But..... if you just want a fat fuck to talk to on the internet I see your point. In society, he's the dangerous one, until he's dealt with accordingly.

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                    You and him should both be buried in the same mass grave. Racists and communists both belong there. Communism is racist because it was invented by a kraut.

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                    Nope, not quite yet porchmonkey. Keep trying.

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                    Shut up, you fat cracker fuck.

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                    Nope, not it. Need another try. You can do it jew boy.

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                      Nope, this isn't it. Sorry nigger.

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                      Socks is really Trane from Kuro5hin and he writes chatbots and had CHATGPG before the rest. Only he does his AI Chatbots for evil. He has a 250 IQ and a major Ph.D. in Greek.