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That's if they're insulting you. What if they are insulting others, using the site to recruit for white supremacy? Doesn't sound like a pyramid would be very effective in that situation.

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Imo it's for low brow insulting me or users or public figures or races and ethnic groups. If a well reasoned and not ad hominem or name calling argument is presented, it will be allowed.

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It's actually very interesting. Supremacists are very different than folks protecting their heritage and "colour", as well as their cultures, communities, etc. Many have perfectly good reasons and logic behind them and very valid perspectives worth learning from. I most definitely do not agree with them, but I appreciate and respect their views and rights to them.

This does not simply apply to the vanilla branded "whites". Not only does this apply to all colours and "races" but also to cultures (ie. Hindus who only marry Hindus or Chinese only marrying Chinese) and through cultural engineering the "whites" were forced from their ethnic city conclaves (ie. Polish Catholic neighbourhoods) into the generic disempowered mixed "white" suburbs of banality.

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I feel similarly. Supremacy and wanting to preserve your heritage or cultural group are miles apart. This polish thing is interesting, I'll have to check it out.

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Not just Polish. Every ethnicity had it's neighbourhoods with pros and cons, but as a people they were far stronger. By moving in other groups they forced them out, banksters helped by offering loans in the suburbs you couldn't refuse. There were no ethic communities out there - just "whites". It wasn't just Catholics or Baptists or - just "whites" with nothing but a consumerist culture. is a podcast on YouTube, etc that often brings this up. It's a weekly conversation between Joseph Atwill and Tim Kelly. TK does other interviews. I never miss one. A to A+++ every time.