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I don't like the idea of default subs to begin with. It's what ruined reddit, once it grew enough the admins appointed the same people over all the subs and started an exclusive club. Which shortly became a cabal.

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leave it as it is for eternity. its the only way to stop the takeover that is being planned.

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Inactivity won't stop fuck all.

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we will have a bunker to retreat to....

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Not everyone is so fortunate.

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Well Saidit sure could use some better aesthetics. I've always loved the idea of being able to personalize your profile and be able to add signatures to your handle when posting comments, like images, quotes and GIFs. It would make the Saidit experience way more fun...

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Do all that and more at https://Projex.Wiki.

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Can we not get an "add sub to default list" tick box like we have for s/all?

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That would be nice.

Unless I'm mistaken, M7D3 didn't even consult us all when they decided who was in or out of the default list - or if we even wanted one. We were just told it was happening and deal with that.

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/u/magnora7, This post is for you.

As much as I've really wanted to, I simply cannot strongly recommend that my local communities (who need substantial solutions) use SaidIt without a secure solid sustainable future and the negligent persistent devolving forum slide. It's time to clean this shit up and right the ship.

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More honey.
Less vinegar.

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I tried that last time and the time before. Over and over and over and over.


How many more times?

How long will /u/magnora7 LOCK US OUT from self-regulating our own fucking community?

If he seriously wants growth for SaidIt he actually has to fucking do something or get out of the way and let us do it.

He's not even around. Last comment: 4 days ago. Second-last comment: 4 months ago.

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It's all open source why not just make another one?

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If being an admin was that easy everyone would be doing it.

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Then you'd imagine you'd act with some respect, because being a jerk clearly isn't getting you what you want either. Why would magnora7 ever help you when you treat him with such abuse?

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You've been around as long as I have newguy, so you know I've been MORE than fair and patient with magnora7 who started with all my respect and has squandered it all away by doing nothing with SaidIt. I've only ever faced off for legitimate issues, including his shitty management.

If you think I'm being a jerk then you need to wake the fuck up and recognize we're in a global war primarily waged through managing lies and deception. We have enemies within and without SaidIt and the time for pussyfooting and bullshittery are over. WE ALL BUILT SAIDIT by participating here, whether he acknowledges that fact or not.

Why would magnora7 ever help you when you treat him with such abuse?

Tell me when and how he's ever helped me under any other circumstances?

This is not just for magnora7. This is to light a goddamn fire under all the fence sitting, free-loading, snowflake users here to get behind something like their own fucking destiny.

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Jason you're a great guy, bring a ton of good to the site and your community and you're great at lighting fires under people's asses which is awesome, but if I were in M7's shoes, I'd see this and feel less inclined to respond or help.

He's done a lot of great stuff too, and so has d3rr, but it's invisible work and thankless work. Especially tiring with different people pulling you in different directions, some for authentic reasons and others just to cause trouble, with no way of knowing really who's who. Not to mention the professional shills and disruptors who basically do social media pilpul, technically allowable but infuriating.

Idk if you do software stuff, but things that seem simple to a user can be actually quite tricky for myriad reasons. Probably not the case here, but it's a thing and it contributes to tension between e.g. developers and client customers constantly.

I'll see if I can find relevant code related to default subs. I don't want to doxx myself by committing to the repo, but I could maybe give you patches if you want to apply them.

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if I were in M7's shoes, I'd see this and feel less inclined to respond or help.

He already does nothing for me. Nothing has changed. If we all ask he'll still do nothing. If we all raise a stink - maybe he'll consider it. Maybe not. Nothing lost, with a loser in charge.

He's done a lot of great stuff too, and so has d3rr, but it's invisible work and thankless work.

Many of us have. That doesn't mean being a dictator is good. It doesn't mean we should stop always trying to do better.

The trouble makers have transparent motives. If anyone doubts my motives they're not paying any attention. Authentic solutions can be discussed openly. He doesn't even fucking try to be open nor inclusive (nor authentic when he resorts to lying) - much less build towards anything. I've asked for 4+ years for a roadmap or anyway we can be involved in improving SaidIt. He's a poor "leader", but at least he's not terrible.

If I could confidently and securely admin my own platforms for many communities I would.

I don't know what you mean about relevant code, but 1) don't dox yourself, and 2) I wonder if it's worth the effort. Talk to M7D3.

Thanks for the insights.

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There is code about how the default subs work, but it seems that the choices of which subs are default is configured locally somehow in the instance. So you're right, if we wanted to simply change them we'd have to have the admins do it.

Some ideas in this comment section could be implemented by changing the code though. Would take some reasonable effort that I don't currently have capacity for, but definitely seems possible.

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he cant code