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It's actually amazing to me how you guys keep engaging with him. It's beyond me. The first comment that fatfuck types with a new account, I nail it right away. He's so transparent, he makes it way too easy.

As for the ban, nah, recognize the alts, do not engage, and then he fucks off and diddles himself.

The power to get rid of this parasite is in your hands. Don't listen to it, don't reason with it, just ignore it. You provide him his lifeblood, which is replies.

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Nah, ban them and eventually the troll gets frustrated and goes away. You have to keep at it, though. It's like weeding a garden.

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I don't disagree. Both methods work, one is much harder than the other though I'll give you that. I just don't believe in banning. Even for d3rpdidoo, his latest alt. I understand there are rules on any website, but I don't really care for those either, but I agree they need to exist to some degree.

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They aren't mutually exclusive. In fact they work best together.

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Fair enough, I imagine it would be that way.

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Letting trolls run rampant is a recipe for disaster. I've seen it happen. I can't imagine why you would recommend it. Well, there's one case in which it makes sense.

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I'm just on the slippery slope side of the argument, fuck banning. If it's about a rules violation, than it's whatever, fuck him, ban him, I don't give a shit. Socks doesn't bother me. Because I choose not to let it bother me, because he isn't important. It's on me not to let the fatfuck exist in my world. Does he actually have a chance at changing your mind? Probably not, so fuck him. I'm sure there are people who want to ban you, I can guarantee there are people want to ban me. Fuck it ban everybody.

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Nah, just ban the disruptive users who try to ruin the site for everyone. If you don't, they ruin the site for everyone. Seen it a million times.

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If only M7 were adequate.

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    See, this is how easy it is. I'm responding to it, yet not really talking to it. I'm talking to all of you as if it's not here. Practice this. It will do much damage to the fat boys need for validation. Like a lost faggot jew it will eventually start to wonder what it's really doing here, and maybe just maybe it might float away to a better purpose. Let's observe it in the wild now. Pay attention to its mannerisms and pathetic ploys for someone to talk to as a warning on how to avoid it should you encounter this sooper speshal large mammal on your travels.

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    Notice the deletion of the comments here. You are witnessing the "lefty eyes crazed manic state."

    At this time the subject is displaying manic behavior and is starting to get very confused. It's not sure what alt it's on, things get frantic, it starts making mistakes from the wrong names, deleting comments, creating new names, coming back for more, enhancing confusion.

    Stay tuned as it undoubtedly will end up with purple hair and whaling like a banshee on the street, the grand finale.

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    See, this is how easy it is. I'm responding to it, yet not really talking to it.

    That's what I do with Chipit, lol.

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    Yeah it's kind of funny, he implied I was a troll up top on this thread, but it's just because he doesn't know how to argue, never been wrong a day in his life, never concedes a point when necessary, and just generally expects courtesies from other people he is unwilling to extend himself. Boo hoo. His answer is to ban them. So be it. Reddit creeps more and more into this place everyday. With that said, it doesn't bother me, I still comment on his posts and talk to him everytime he engages me, as mind-numbing as it can be.

    It's also a bit unfair for me to say what I said, because I'm not here to argue or debate, and I rarely take the time to do so. I'm past it. There is literally no point, I like to go outside. I'm here to read obscure shit you can't see elsewhere, and amuse myself by making off color comments. The difference here is, I have a mirror, and I'll readily admit my shortcomings on this site, while also not giving one shit about who likes it or not. So if that makes me a troll, label me up.

    It's a hell of a tactic though. Has to piss a guy like socks off pretty bad. He took his ball and went home on this one. But don't worry, he'll be back.

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      See folks, what we have here is another attempt by the rightfully so, ridiculed moron, at attempting the very same behavior that makes him look like a donkeys ass on a daily basis. Watch as it continually pulls down its pants to show its painfully large ass more and more each time.

      Notice how it makes pathetic attempts to engage with the users that have clearly shown they have all the tools to disengage its shitty behavior. Keep watching as it attempts to be heard. It's a sight usually seen at places like reddit, where its childlike behavior is encouraged, but here, it's the minority and you can clearly notice it doesn't have the talent or wherewithal to keep it up.

      Stay tuned folks, we might see the subject cry shortly. It's a wondrous sight, I'm so excited to show you guys what this creature is capable of as it sinks lower and lower on its self-perceived status ladder. What a time to be alive.

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      Show its ass? You mean there's more to socks? I just though he was an absolute ass in entirety. All that spills forth from him is shit - then he flails around trying to spread it everywhere. Usually I try not to look. But he keeps calling me back here to try to put hm in his place: off this site.

      It's quite baffling how much suffering the ass can endure, for over a year pre-ban, and clinging on post-ban. Cling-ons suck.

      I won't be sticking around to see the fluid erupt from this ass, tears or otherwise.

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      Thank you sir for pointing out the additions I've failed to mention about the subject at hand.

      The comments are deleted again, I can't wait for the next installment of "Fat Normie tries to stay relevant." It shouldn't be long now.

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        Krikey it's starting to get angry, and is having a hard time keeping straight its conversations, because of the many many alts being used. It's okay, not to worry, it's just a symptom of its disease, unfortunately it will be fine. The memory is slipping now, the end is near, keep a close eye on it. It's starting to get interesting.

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        FUCK SOCKS

        /u/magnora7, please, fuck /u/socks.

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        It's good to keep the pressure on him but at the same time not to give him more attention than needed.

        It's not just "socks" we are dealing with, but the entirety of TMoR/probably the CIA itself.

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          So says socks alt.

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          Lol, whats he gonna do, ban socks again, at which point he will create yet another account. What's the point?

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          The point is to make him unwelcome.

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          It's an adversary. Those aren't discouraged by bans. We need hellbans.

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          I guess. Yes, he's here to argue for the sake of arguments. No logic. No legit justification. Blind faith and stupidity. Evidenced in chat.

          What are hellbans?

          Also, FYI, tonight webmkv said the TOR thing is broken. A couple/few weeks ago there was a lot of power fuckery. Is it always the same TOR address? Would it be okay if I shared it on the main page of https://Projex.Wiki?

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          Hellbanning someone means they will have the impression they can still post, but the posts are hidden to everyone else. This way they waste their energy.

 redirects you to the link, but that one is unreliable (and I'm sure it's the same situation for all other tor2web gateways). This is not a good setup, that's why I've let it be mostly dormant. I'm looking for a place to host it more comfortably, and then I want to have it accessible on clearnet like a regular website. It's not because of power outages, because the direct .onion link is always accessible. Whenever the box reboots, it loads both docker and tor automatically and makes it available again.

          Feel free to link to it on Projex and on this site whenever it becomes relevant, but could you hold back from actively promoting it for the time being?

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          They call that shadow banning on reddit.

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          Keep banning them and eventually he'll go away. Just like mowing a lawn.

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          We can hope.

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          Whoa now don't fuck socks there's clearly something wrong with him and it could be contagious

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            Whatever you say socks.

            ARTIFICIAL STUPIDITY (3:54) ~ Thomas Sowell Wisdom [Pay attention socks.]

            Why won't you leave the site where you're very unwelcome?

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              Timesuck socks, as always evading the question.

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              You forgot boobiebro, dingoatemytaco, nodiggity, and wigger.

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              Is this just an assumption based on writing styles or some such?

              Like, the only real method I can think of is to validate via previous IP address, and it's think only M7 can do that.

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              Normally it would be an assumption. But he's even admitted to most of them, if not all, over time.

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              Is this just an assumption based on writing styles or some such?

              A person's writing is identifiable, not just from the style, but the content, philosophy, and mannerisms, grammar, word choice... Read it long enough and you can identify it. Socks is a particularly easy case because his ideology stands him apart, there aren't too many lefty liberals here who have a penchant for posting compromised news sources (WaPo, Rolling Stone, etc) as legit.

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              The Unabomber got caught using linguistics from one paper he wrote.

              Socks is on here daily saying the same exact shit, the same exact way, over and over. It's glaring really.

              You can only capitalize GOP and MAGAtard, end your word salad rants with an obfuscating question or two that a twelve year old would ask so many times, when you're the only one doing it on a website with 13 people.

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              Stop defending the 99%

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                You also know that the the Washington Post is NOT comporomised. They backup their reporting with reliable information.

       --Wapo saying hunter's laptop is fake

       --Wapo makes more retractions of false information

       --Wapo admits the steele dossier was fake after saying it was real

       -- Wapo has been printing fake stories by author Taylor Lorenz

       -- Bezos influence on Wapo stories

                These are just the recent ones that I remember off the top of my head. Washington Post is probably the most compromised paper in the country. Pure unadulterated garbage

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                This is my favorite comment of the thread.

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                You acted like a dick, dude. Yesterday was a Libs of Tik Tok moment. How come you lefties always act like shitbags?

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                I know for a fact 2/4 are socks via chat.

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                  Rent free

                  Edit - well apparently I can edit but not make any new posts or replies on saidit and my home ip has been blocked at cloudflare. No message or notification for what I might have done wrong. I guess the danger of me presenting wrong-think from outside the administration's bubble is just too high to let me live. Goodbye saidit, you strange bunch, and remember what happens to users of this site who say things the admins disagree with.

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                  Fuck that thing(Not literally; there are standards).

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                  Who cares about votes on this site anyway?

                  And no, I'm not Socks.

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                  Yes, add blyat

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                    Fuck you partisan douche bag. Go make some more alts to upvote your own verbal diarrhea.

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                      you keep commenting, so you do seem pretty worried about it. please refrain from vote manipulation (and lazy thinking).

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                        The lady doth protest too much, methinks