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Besides pcp posting a bunch of memes recently, what isnt "normal" about him? His account is at least 2 years old

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They are concern trolling that he has the wrong politics. Now that the subtext is out in the open, we should talk about that.

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Flooding nonsense posts to drive down the quality of content on saidit, u/mongre tries to pass himself off as normal.

Just add to ignore list.

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I never claimed to be normal.

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I know Reddit can block folks even if setting up multiple names. I assume under only the same ISP but no techie here. This pcp guy sounds like a troll on the highest order and ignoring him seems best.

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Just because his content is dissident/altright does not make him a troll. I see that you're new here. 23 days old on your account. That's about the same time we banned some trollish users so I hope you're aware there's some drama going on.

The meme sub /u/pcpmasterrace normally posts in has been removed from s/all so he's forced to post memes in the general memes sub. Saidit is so small and many of its users are pro alt right content or secretly laugh and up vote it while saying they don't like it. That's because alt right content regularly makes the front page, even when admin attempts to suppress.

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That pesky TRUTH that refuses to die...

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Admittedly I am trying to figure it all out. Trolls suck big time so I don't want to appear to be one but in my short time on here I am seeing some really disturbing and at times laughable posts. I try and remember we all like or believe different things and i can handle the fact others believe differently than I do. But to see someone asking if the Buffalo shooting could be fake just pisses me off as it flies in the face of now 10 dead innocent people.

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Honestly, for a grown man you sound extremely petulant and entitled. All you do is complain about what people post here. If you want a safe space, go back to reddit and stroke yourself off with the other fags. The way you type your complaining drivel, makes it hard not to see you as a tiny little girl stamping her feet because the shine has worn off her new little toy. You sir, are a bitch of the highest order, and would probably do well by first cleaning out the massive pile of sand from your pussy so you can get comfortable being around adults.

Waaaaaaa.....this place on the internet I joined willingly doesn't cater to my faggot sensibilities! WAAAAAAAAAAAA..........MY PUSSY HURTS! Waaaaaaaaaaa.........maybe I'll just stamp my feet and whine about how everyone isn't like me on a website created solely for people who understand something I never could because I'm a tiny bitch boy who sees the world not for what it is, but for what I wish it to be!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

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LOL. Quite the entertaining history you have there. Mom must be so proud. With that. I'll decide where I will hang around and post. Or not. I don't need the okay from the weirdo like you.

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There's that LOL again. Lolololololo. Are you a teenage girl or a grown man? My mother is proud of me, she taught me not to be a pussy who whines on the internet about how websites aren't catered to my faggot ass feelings.

I wasn't trying to give you permission to post here little guy, do you need help with comprehension too?

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The block user feature is a powerful tool to improve the quality of the Saidit experience.

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Guess I need to try it.

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I use it but somewhat sparingly. In addition to hiding posts and comments by the specific user it also hides all children comments replying to that user. You'll know if a post has blocked comments because the comment count will be greater than the number of comments you actually see. Temporarily disabling user blocks can be done by opening a private browser window that doesn't have your cookies. Fully removing a block can be done on the blocked tab of your preferences. Another great feature is mute sub which removes subs from /s/all. Your home page is configurable in your preferences; You can set it to /s/all rather than the default /s/subscribed.

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There's still no way to see all your muted subs is there?

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Nice, thanks!

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You're welcome.

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I appreciate it. I am not a very patient man so learning something new often becomes something I have no interest in. But I saw in no time that Reddit wasn't for me and I do like to partake in adult conversations. So maybe I'll eventually learn this one.

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Never heard of him. Just checked his posts. Majority of posts are better than this one

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I don't know what all this drama is, but I just hope it doesn't kill Saidit. It's an important site because it's one of the few sites where you can openly speak about the harms of gender ideology without being deplatformed.

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Drama kill Saidit? These are the most popular threads. I think it's hilarious that m7 said "no alt right memes sub on the feed," so u/pcmasterrace just posts his memes in the regular meme sub. High entertainment right up in here.

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I hit the 'block user" button on them a long time ago.