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21:19:26 @HongKongPhooey Eds daughter likes to sit on my face
21:19:42 Optimus85 (Optimus85@Clk-127B7847) has joined the channel
21:20:25 marbles my daughter would slap the fkng turds outta you, and she is married to a gangster so he would probably cut your neck and shit down your throat.
21:20:47 @HongKongPhooey She says he cant please her like I do
21:20:47 marbles believe what ever you think.
21:21:56 @HongKongPhooey ????
21:22:26 marbles i have never met the man that can stand up to that mafia group.
21:23:03 @HongKongPhooey Im willing to risk it to taste her sweet marmalade
21:23:04 marbles they do things like hold you on the ground naked and let a pitbull eat your genitals.
21:23:09 marbles keep talking shit.
21:23:16 marbles cuz that is all that you are doing.
21:23:24 marbles you are talking booshit.
21:24:02 marbles they would take you into a room and cut you up for talking like that.
21:24:04 marbles for real real.
21:24:14 marbles you aint nothing but a punk ass big mouth.
21:24:22 marbles they are my friends.
21:24:25 marbles you aint.
21:24:36 @HongKongPhooey ??????
21:25:04 marbles enjoy your moment.
21:25:30 @HongKongPhooey She likes when i slap her titties around
21:25:42 marbles suck a  clown dick cupcake.
21:26:00 marbles daddy is not impressed.
21:26:15 @HongKongPhooey I'll send you one of our videos
21:26:23 @HongKongPhooey They are very kinky
21:26:32 @HongKongPhooey Just filthy
21:26:44 @HongKongPhooey She is a dirty girl