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I saw you posted this info a few places around reddit to help spread the word, much appreciated

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For sure bro. If this place is the real deal like you say, I'm really going to enjoy seeing it grow and see what it can become. Happy to be a part of it.

Hopefully more people take the minimal effort to do the same! : )

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/u/magnora7 /u/d3rr

I know that you guys are exploring alternative decentralized web solutions.

Have you considered decentralized direction? ie. Worker directed enterprises aka worker coops are democratic work places where the workers vote on how it's run. Managers are there to organize things but the workers can actually fire the managers, counter to typical hierarchies.

First. I don't want to fire anyone. Second, I don't want to direct anyone. Third, I want folks to think for themselves. Fourth, personally I think this is still far too small an operation to do anything remotely like this - yet. Fifth, people will prove themselves over time, and while I like making suggestions, I want nothing to do with managing any site, even if I "prove myself over time". Meaning others who are worthy will make themselves known to you, should you choose to somehow delegate "stuff". Sixth, this worker coop concept would be something to discuss from now until ages down the line when it actually seem appropriate to decentralize direction/management to keep it from somehow being taken over by financial buyouts/takeovers, censorship, infiltrators of the establishment, or by outright democratic numbers of real sheeple and/or fake bots. Seventh, I'm going to stop this stupid counting.

For information on setting worker cooperatives, you might want to contact Richard Wolff's organization ( ) because they're trying to spread their alternative solutions and/or watch his videos ( ) for more insights.

If you do choose to contact them or some other solutions you like, I'd love to hear about them. Running a factory is one thing. Running a social media platform is another. And using decentralized web alternatives is a whole other. Maybe SaidIt would be their first such scenario or maybe they've got other examples to stand on their shoulders. Maybe you invite them to join SaidIt and create a D@W threat or few.

If only there was a social media forum for discussions of this nature...

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As far as the tech goes, we are very much interested in a decentralized or federated model. It's on our long term todo list. I don't think there's a clear path at the moment, and it's likely too much work for our dev resources presently. But things could change, and the right platform might pop up, then we could migrate to it. I'm watching

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I agree. Work on the tech decentralization thing yesterday.

I'm just throwing out the idea of worker coop for the future. Maybe there's a better extant model or something to be adapted than that.

I saw that NotABug yesterday. I put it in my growing timesuck folder of stuff to look into further. Maybe you can explain or expand upon or link to why it's interesting to you.

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It's decentralized and it's reddit-ish, so it's maybe close to our goal. However it is missing a ton of features that are here so far. The Mastodon federation is a good fit imo

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Wow, so they "solved" the decentralization hurdle?

Did they use the code you'd used? Did they chose to turn some things off? Were they lazy or seeking simplicity or in dev?

MAN! They sure missed a MAJOR selling point. No where on their "frontpage" does it say anything about being decentralized. I didn't look hard but I'd assumed it was for more for geeks and coders. Looking at it now I see much more diverse stuff than the tech gibberish previously seen.

Feel free to post any/all NotABug info in /s/DecentralizeAllThings as you see fit.

Not that I would benefit much, but I'd be happy if you and magnora7 started a SysAdmin sub to document your escapades. I would try to read it but it would certainly be of value to others wishing to do something similar, and/or get you in the habbit of open-documentation so that when you unleash the decentralized SaidIt, in whatever form that may be, we can all catch up and follow along as we try to co-host or co-contribute in whatever way required of us. Fair warning, because some may wish to exploit your transparency you may chose not to share some stuff or write it up for a time delay release. For example, if you implement something new maybe you write it up while it's fresh and clear in your mind but publish it a couple of weeks or months later after it seems secure and you feel confident. And some things won't need a delay.

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Have you considered decentralized direction?

Yeah dude, we have been talking about this for months. If you find any good services, let me know.

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Richard Wolff in every video is saying D@W is about helping folks establish all different kinds of worker coops and have lots of resources on it. I don't know if they expect donations or whatever. I don't know if they have dealt with social media. I don't know.

They have vast mailing lists (I signed up years ago but I don't read them), and if, maybe even years from now, D@W saw SaidIt as a success story they may publicize and/or embrace SaidIt as a social media alternative solution.

Contact them to 1) recommend that they start a D@W sub or few to publicize their content and discuss it uncensored, and 2) seek advice on decentralizing direction of this social media platform while retaining integrity.

Richard Wolff is not the only prominent Marxist professor on there. David Harvey (abundant and longtime on YouTube) also recently started a podcast on D@W. (I have yet to listen to any of these new shows.)

David Harvey's Anti-Captialist Chronicles (ACC) : Perhaps contact him directly a too, for a foot in the door.

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Sounds like a tough sell, but it might be worth a shot, thanks for the idea

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Could be a tough sell, but far less so if they saw you embrace worker coop ideas, however that might happen. They're very flexible as there are almost as MANY ways to establish worker coops as there are coops.

Wolff is always talking about the North Dakota state bank which is not part of the centralized banking system, despite decades and decades of them trying to take it over or shut it down.

I'm confident he'd be keen to hear about social media doing something similar.

Decentralize all things.

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Merry Christmas : )

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Aaron Swartz's code so Saidit uses 2013 Reddit code?