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I'm currently trying to port Slide for Saidit (and JRAW, since Slide uses it), since redreader is ass imo, and Slide is my preferred app for Reddit. (No promises though, I drop projects I started pretty frequently.)

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Good luck! Let us know if you make any progress as we're always looking to add more software to the saidit suite of programs

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Thanks! You can look at progress here: JRAW-saidit Slide-saidit

So far I've just ported JRAW to use saidit's API, but it's not tested yet at all

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By the way, is there any documentation of API differences between this and reddit (for example, the vote system), or a sub where I can ask API questions? doesn't have updated documentation. Looking for stuff in the code is tedious, especially when it's not in an IDE.

EDIT: oh wait, it kinda seems to? Still calls them upvotes/downvotes though. Maybe it isn't that outdated after all.

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As far as I know there are no differences whatsoever. We haven't changed the API system a single bit. Like you noted, many of the old variable names are unchanged and such. We simply have verified it works and done nothing else, so there really is no more documentation beyond the reddit documentation.