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New user here, came in from F-Droid! I like the idea and I see you're considering decentralisation - hoping for ActivityPub!

So far I've only noticed four things about the app that bug me: - I used the option in preferences (on the site through the internal webview) to unsub all, but the app still tells me I have 10 front page subs when the site says I have 0. - I thought the thread view still had up and down vote buttons instead of lightbulb and laugh - turns out they're useless pgUp and pgDown buttons - does anyone use these when you can just momentum scroll? I feel like they're just in the way. The preferences page also still refers to the votes as 'upvote insightful and downvote funny' which is confusing. - The RegEx for your automatic linking of subs/users/comments doesn't link anything after subname: s/sub/comments/hmmm (I did see another effect in someone else's post where a word ending in s joined to another word with a slash produced a sub link but it appears that got fixed at some point?) - The markdown engine doesn't seem to have ~strikethrough~ or multi line code : appears to become inline [][code][] (edit: just learned that the 'reddit way' has always been to prefix each line with 4 spaces... Wow. That must be frustrating when pasting more than 3 lines.) I'm used to using markdown in Riot (a Matrix client) and GitHub for code blocks with the format langNameForSyntaxHighlight code();

...5. Do link previews have to break up blocks like lists?

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Okay yep #5 is definitely the most annoying: this looks fine on web but messy as hell in the app.