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Heya, welcome! This is a free speech community. You can discuss current events freely, as long as you follow the rules. I recommend checking out the Values section there, as well as the Pyramid of Debate. Someone may call you a troll, but you won't be banned for controversial posts unless you're consistently dragging down the quality of the conversation.

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So no global elites or big tech controlling the narrative here then?

Had a look at the pyramid. Where do most discussions on here sit with respect to that? Contradiction? Tone Response? Ad Hominem?

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Most stay near the top of the pyramid of debate, thankfully. Sounds like your posts would fit right in here at saidit. Welcome!

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Thank you

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The pyramid rules are almost never enforced. You will see people engage in ad hominem and name calling all the time. You would really have to be intentionally looking to cause trouble to get banned for something like this, and that doesn't appear to be your motivation. I wouldn't worry too much about this

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Yeah you should be fine here. You won't be banned for asking questions or having controversial opinions. Don't threaten anyone with violence, try to sell anything illegal, or post pornography and you should be fine. There are some other rules, but they are vague and not really enforced unless you are outrageously out of line

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That sounds reasonable. I don't think I will be threatening anyone with violence. The logistics of even carrying that out would be phenomenal. I would have to get on an 18 hour flight from down under, get past customs, find out where to buy a baseball bat (or hockey stick) and then find the address of someone on social media who criticised my mental health. I would have to such extraordinary private investigation skills to pull anything like that off. So no I won't be threatening anyone. I won't be selling anything and have no interest in pornography so so far so good.

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Hi there. Welcome to Saidit. There's lots of interesting content over here so I'm sure you'll have a good time.

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I say everything I want to here. There's a lot of helpful feedback, I always check here immediately when things happen.

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you're good we have a few reddit karens here though

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It doesn't have enough fake bullshit to keep users.

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You can do anything but advocate violence. Welcome to the ass crack.

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Your contributions may have been banned by specific subs for being off-topic.

SaidIt is a free speech site for the most part, but it does allow subs to be community/subject-focused and not allow alternate or questioning/debating opinions. Those subs must state in their sidebar that they are not open for debate and/or censor alternate opinions, and must remove themselves from s/all.

So, some subs you will not be allowed to learn by asking questions. They don't want that, so you can only observe what they believe and learn as a watcher.

You, as a user, need to read the sidebar explanation of wherever you post.

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This is the best place for that. You will get a variety of views from the entirety of the spectrum.

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Regardless of what site you use, you should just ask. If you're banned, then that effectively answers your question. If you're not banned, that also answers your question.

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I should have been more specific. I mean some of my posts were banned because they were considered to be asking questions that might reflect negatively on certain world leaders and highly charged political events. Not that they had already reflected negatively. That is how I learn, by asking questions. Apparently some believe that learning about certain political issues is taboo.

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we are at war. but dont advocate violence. talk to imaginary people that you dont know who the fuck they are. but go ahead, say whatever you like.

this shit hole bans people more often than reddit does. the pyramid of debate means nothing.

i dont need people voting when i say something, either up or down or funny or insightful.

this social media bullshit is meant to pacify us while we sit in our prison cells.

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this shit hole bans people more often than reddit does. the pyramid of debate means nothing.

Can you name some examples of people you think we've unjustly banned? It's probably technically true that Saidit is more heaviliy moderated than r*ddit proportionally speaking, but that's mostly due to the small scale of Saidit; if r*ddit was the same size as Saidit, it would probably be one of the most heavily moderated places on the internet.

What's much more important than the rate at which people get banned, in my opinion, is for what kind of reasons people get banned. R*ddit bans people (and subs) for the most ridiculous reasons, mostly for "hate speech", whereas Saidit mostly just removes spam, violent threats and incitement to violence, illegal activity, and repeated targeted harrassment.

If you think you or someone else has been unjustly banned or censored, you're always free to write me or another admin an appeal via PM, containing the username of the person you want unbanned and the reason why you think he should be unbanned.

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do you have a manager?

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Nah, I just do this for fun. I you don't like it here, feel free to fuck off back to r*ddit. No one is stopping you

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nice admins.

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I very much appreciate saidit. I come on here sometimes every day, sometimes only a couple times a week, but I always find GREAT content despite being on many other platforms. I often share what I find here elsewhere. Well worth it. It is not controlled by global elites at all. At least not yet, but we are a small community so eventually if freedom-lovers start figuring out we are here our little island will be invaded.

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It is worth noting that God advocated violence in the Bible, so God would be banned from SaidIt for posting similar content. SaidIt is not a truly free speech platform, but nothing better currently exists.

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The problem with "advocating violence", at least for us mere mortals, is that we end up closing the door to peaceful options and at that point there is no turning back. I am also reminded of places like Kazikstan which really did seem have grounds for taking their country back by force but that weren't forward thinking enough to consider what Putin would do.

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So if SaidIt had been available at the time, advocating for the American Revolution would have been prohibited. Do you think this is a good thing? I personally believe in free speech where all points of view can be discussed.

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Without talks in good faith from both sides, de-escalation is impossible? Well at least very improbable. The interesting thing is that was never allowed to happen. One wonders why.

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It looks like the point of "advocating violence" is a thorny one. To start with, violence has different forms. For example, the government denying you the right to make a living because you don't belong to the ruling party is clearly a form of violence. So what can you do about it, since the government has power to do as it likes? Or the government saying that a bunch of thugs beating you up is "activism" and you don't have the right to complain because obviously according to the government it's your fault that you got beaten up?

Philosophical questions aside, Saidit obviously has to stay within certain limits to avoid getting deplatformed and we have to respect that if we want Saidit to be here tomorrow.