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Yep, I suggested banning that infidel

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here is a question for airbus,

who made you the judge of other men?

oh, you did.

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I am so sorry

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no, i dont think you are sorry.

all muslim believes in a final judgement day.. and all muslim believes that if things dont go well during judgement that he or she will be sent into a furnace of fire and he or she will drink buckets of boiling lava with the hope that they can cool down.

first, you accuse me of being a infidel... while you really have never taken the time to approach me as a human and to show concern or kindness for me.

and now you want to say "oh, sorry"..

would you believe me if i told you that i have already seen my judgement day and that i passed with flying colors?

i am technically one of the judges from your upcoming judgement day.

it is not the act of apologizing that achieves forgiveness, but instead it is my decision if i forgive you.

oh my.