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I totally get banning Ed's many accounts sometimes.

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Yep, I suggested banning that infidel

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here is a question for airbus,

who made you the judge of other men?

oh, you did.

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I am so sorry

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no, i dont think you are sorry.

all muslim believes in a final judgement day.. and all muslim believes that if things dont go well during judgement that he or she will be sent into a furnace of fire and he or she will drink buckets of boiling lava with the hope that they can cool down.

first, you accuse me of being a infidel... while you really have never taken the time to approach me as a human and to show concern or kindness for me.

and now you want to say "oh, sorry"..

would you believe me if i told you that i have already seen my judgement day and that i passed with flying colors?

i am technically one of the judges from your upcoming judgement day.

it is not the act of apologizing that achieves forgiveness, but instead it is my decision if i forgive you.

oh my.

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I'm behind on troll activities. Who is Ed? Skeeter alt? And what about Gabera, is he on this site?

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Check out u/humancorpse. He makes a lot of accounts. Ed was Skeeter, humancorpse, is now wonderwoman and who knows how many.

He's an adult, dying of COPD apparently, but he acts like a young teenager sometimes. Acts normal others. It's weird but mildly entertaining sometimes.

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COPD sounds pretty unpleasant. I'm not sure I'd want to stick around for the end stages.

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Yeah, slowly suffocating to death is not the way I'd want to go out either. He's had a number of suicide posts. Although on his audio tapes he posts he doesn't sound wheezy.

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There were some pretty dedicated trolls on old voat. You can't take anything at face value. A number of them claim autism, but it's hard to say what the deal really is.

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There's something abnormal. I'm pretty goddamned immature but even I don't act like that. It's embarrassing. I mean, if he was a teenager that's one thing. But to be an adult man who not only commands no respect, but is the object of pity and scorn? No friends, no family, only people who barely tolerate him are online.

And if he's really dying that's how he's going out? Spamming our small forum.

Still, I pity the fool.