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To a certain extent I think it's a good thing to see what they are saying.

I know everyone's concerned with free speech here but freedom of information is also important.

Every sub that disappears from s/all means less knowledge and viewpoints being shared and more bubbles forming.

And why? Just because people can't post every brain fart and dumb insult they would like?

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Removing and banning unwanted opinions and viewpoints is kind of the definition of creating a bubble.

With moslems in particular, they are commanded to and do actually cut peoples heads off, not just delete their comments. The bubbles there are from the blood interfering with their victims attempts to breathe through their cut throat.

It's easy to understand why they don't want people talking about that, but it's not exactly freedom of information when it's suppressed.

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This is why /s/FreedIt is needed, a place where mods can moderate as they see fit.

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It's my impression they can moderate pretty freely when not on s/all. Otherwise there's an expectation of free participation and opinionating when within the saidit community.

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To control quality within subs, I would simply let mods moderate however they want. If you don't like how a sub is moderated, don't go there and possibly mute the sub.

Imo, a rogue sub included in the main or default view would taint the entire site. The way I've used sites like this forever, is viewing all posts, or all comments, regardless of the sub they're technically posted in. If moderation policies aren't consistent within my view of the site, then the effect is no different than arbitrary or random rules.

I started this internet phase on reddit in 2005, where there were no separate subs for several years or so. What's the breakdown of how people use sites like this? Do they actually 'go into' specific subs? Is the 'all' view more common? Is one of those a more desirable demographic?

Maybe an s/some or s/other could be a view of subs that don't conform to the default rules, and they wouldn't be hidden.

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Consistent moderation policies are incompatible with free speech. I discussed the rogue sub problem here.

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offensive content

Troll posts posts with no conversational value? The 'skeeter' and 'human_corpse' accounts post offensive content, but they would have to be banned from all other subs to contain them to one in particular. In which case, they have a new unbanned account in 5 minutes.

Attempting to limit their posts to one particular sub seems unworkable. Accounts would need to be difficult to make, and policed on a site-wide basis. And so, we're back to site-wide rules seeming to be the only viable solution.

the majority of the content that the average user sees by default shouldn't be offensive to him

Truly free speech in 2021 means the trolls dominate your site, and a large percentage of the content the average user sees will likely be offensive to her, or him. If you remember the early days of /b/, the vast majority of users will find some or much content they dislike.

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Active mods would remove troll posts from their sub. SaidIt doesn't encourage active mods, so this doesn't work here.

My MOST proposal allows trolls to post in their own subs, but most users would never see these posts because they wouldn't be in MOST. So this is free speech that still protects average users.

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If subs are essentially their own fiefdoms with no conformity to a standard of behavior, what would be their justification for being a section of the site? The distinction seems closer to separate sites with different user bases than a hodgepodge of incompatible practices and standards under one umbrella.

Here's an example of a former sub that banned moids (no boys allowed), and went off to create their own site due to incompatibility with the saidit userbase. They were not on s/all, but even then the proximity to what they call moids made them question why they were here in the first place.

I'm not seeing the advantage of encountering random rules when clicking on s/all or s/all/comments. A reply will be fine one time, and another time it will get you banned. Why would users like that?

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My removal is cool with me. If they become anti-debate they will be removed from /s/all.

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If we had a flat earther sub and they wanted to ban every crazy roundy, I wouldn't care. Same deal here. It's hard to understand how one would actually want to be a Muslim.

It's 2021, we use computers and fly to outer space but Islam is stuck in an obsolete time, acting like savages. They really peaked several centuries ago. We're moving forward, they kill people over cartoons.

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It's okay if they want to ban the infidels, but they can't be on s/all if they do.

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A muslim sub is not compatible with saidit? Strange anyone would think it would be compatible. Islam is not compatible with western civilization. in case it's down

NSFL bring a strong stomach if you want to learn about islam

camp on it and report everything to admins directly, if you think a(ny) sub in particular is a problem.

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They were using microsoft, so the site is dead. Archive is only the intro page.

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Its the only Mudslime sub we have. s/islam is full of people who hate sand niggers. Apparently they have a set of rules....which arent listed anywhere:

5 days ago WhenImBanned created rule (No Promoting of other religions) 5 days ago WhenImBanned created rule (No Blasphemy) 5 days ago WhenImBanned created rule (Be respectful) 12 hours ago WhenImBanned banned superskate (permanent: No Blasphemy) 12 hours ago WhenImBanned banned Node (permanent: No Blasphemy) 13 hours ago WhenImBanned banned wonderwoman (permanent: Be respectful)

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I totally get banning Ed's many accounts sometimes.

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Yep, I suggested banning that infidel

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here is a question for airbus,

who made you the judge of other men?

oh, you did.

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I am so sorry

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no, i dont think you are sorry.

all muslim believes in a final judgement day.. and all muslim believes that if things dont go well during judgement that he or she will be sent into a furnace of fire and he or she will drink buckets of boiling lava with the hope that they can cool down.

first, you accuse me of being a infidel... while you really have never taken the time to approach me as a human and to show concern or kindness for me.

and now you want to say "oh, sorry"..

would you believe me if i told you that i have already seen my judgement day and that i passed with flying colors?

i am technically one of the judges from your upcoming judgement day.

it is not the act of apologizing that achieves forgiveness, but instead it is my decision if i forgive you.

oh my.

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I'm behind on troll activities. Who is Ed? Skeeter alt? And what about Gabera, is he on this site?

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Check out u/humancorpse. He makes a lot of accounts. Ed was Skeeter, humancorpse, is now wonderwoman and who knows how many.

He's an adult, dying of COPD apparently, but he acts like a young teenager sometimes. Acts normal others. It's weird but mildly entertaining sometimes.

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COPD sounds pretty unpleasant. I'm not sure I'd want to stick around for the end stages.

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Yeah, slowly suffocating to death is not the way I'd want to go out either. He's had a number of suicide posts. Although on his audio tapes he posts he doesn't sound wheezy.

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There were some pretty dedicated trolls on old voat. You can't take anything at face value. A number of them claim autism, but it's hard to say what the deal really is.

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There's something abnormal. I'm pretty goddamned immature but even I don't act like that. It's embarrassing. I mean, if he was a teenager that's one thing. But to be an adult man who not only commands no respect, but is the object of pity and scorn? No friends, no family, only people who barely tolerate him are online.

And if he's really dying that's how he's going out? Spamming our small forum.

Still, I pity the fool.