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Personally, I just see no benefit to people creeping my old content.

You specifically, no, but in general it'd be a pain if the spam accounts went private. The "Americans Scream" bot in particular posts normal, even well received, content before dropping the propaganda comments and sometimes those even seem reasonable without checking its history.

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Well, don't you think the admins can still see all our content? Spam prevention should be an admin task, not user/mod responsibility IMHO. Unless we don't trust our admins, haha. In which case we shouldn't use Saidit, right?

Edit: Not to mention spammers can delete their old content just like I can.

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Spam used to be mainly handled by the admins, but it's now much faster with several sub mods taking care of it.

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It would better and easy enough to allow users to set their profile to private, but allows mods/admins access to user profiles. If there are some mods going through a trial phase or whatever, then maybe it’s something that could be selected by an admin or create another mod type that has the authority to allow a mod access.

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That's a good idea, I had thought of that, but anyone can be a moderator by making their own sub, unless you limit it to a user's contributions visible to only the specific sub(s) of a mod. That'd make it a little harder because the spammers often spread it over several subs but I suppose it'd be workable.

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Maybe give all mods access to all user history across all subs, but don’t allow new users to create a new sub or be a mod until they reach a certain age on their user account (6 months?) and/or upvotes on either/both options.

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Ruqqus had this. Its only use was for disruptive paid social media influencer accounts to hide their history so their pattern of trolling couldn't be detected.

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Can't these people/bots just delete their comments do get around this though?

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But then they don't stay in the archive where they can have maximum effect. People can and do read old posts, particularly in less-used subsaidits. I've had angry SJWs post in six month old threads, trying to win the argument.

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Personally, I just see no benefit to people creeping my old content.

Sounds like you're scared of what you say coming back to bite you on your ass.



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Yes its a bot from China

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Wont ever happen since the schizos throw a tantrum when they cant read the post history of every user they get into an argument with.

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You should be proud and stand by your words come hell or high water