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you borderline advocated for genocide, it's a pyramid-positive ban by those moderators, 💯

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How lmaoooooo, I said I would celebrate if all nonwhites died not that I want to kill all nonwhites nor advocated for someone to take action to do so 😂 😂 😂 I have not made any threats like your friend socks has.

You may as well ban everyone who upvoted my comment, I am not alone in my sentiments.

This place is soft and cucked like reddit, afraid the commissars are going to get you?

Waiting for the Ruqqus moment when Saidit starts banning all non-kosher subs and dies, or just up-in goes offline like Voat, yall know its gonna happen 😉.

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all things must pass, but we're just a homely little reddit spin off. too high to die. may your debates be more fruitful in the future.

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too high to die

Generous, wouldn't be surprised if I hear bad news from this place in a year or so. Seems to be the trend with these "alternatives" 😀.


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whatever, we're OG now. older than all these mfers.


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try to say such things in code not in plain language

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Did you go on the Debate Alt Right sub and say 'Speak for yourself I would be celebrating if all nonwhites died.'
The sub is 'Alt Right' not 'Far Right'. Can you not read?
And comparing your case to socks might not be the best thing to do since a lot of people despise him
Even saying 'celebrating all nonwhites died' is really dumb. The cotton isnt going to pick itself you dummy.

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Damn, who is the new cotton pickers in this age? Not ggers!

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first thought-why would you care about getting banned from a cesspool of idiocy?

'I said I would celebrate if all nonwhites died'

ahhh, got it. carry on!