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You're totally right, it's the goddamn CSS. They constantly talked about Ruqqus being purple.

They really had a purple fetish. Frankly, I always felt Ruqqus interface was pretty ugly. It had those needlessly large guild links on the side, when it could just show more links at a glance if they cut out the icons. Saidit is so much more simple and pleasant to look at. And I never had a problem using the desktop interface. And you can save comments/posts. Like, sure it's an old.reddit clone- but if the non-clones look and work like Ruqqus, then well...

Well, they were still loads better than voat, I guess.. lol. Terrible site that.

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Yeah I wasn't a fan of their UI either. They wasted like 250px of vertical space on every list page with the fake "submit a post" field.

And you can save comments/posts.