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Maybe we are right maybe we are wrong, let's discuss it calmly and come to a conclusion. It'd be nice if we could but of course tempers are inflamed.

Popper...are you fucking lowkey calling me reactionary right now? =P but just to be clear, I made my initial comment more so feminists could see the framing of them as “reactionary” for going against the “established” idea that trans women are women.

Associating the word with being “right-wing” and “conservative” in several online, normal ass dictionaries is what I’m highlighting. It’s more subversion of language against feminists.

The article is about feminists, specifically TERFs. It’s a very biased article about their “secret internet,” which they created, not unlike other “reactionary” banned communities, further described as hateful, bigoted echo chambers that had to be purged from Reddit for their toxic ideas. And when they mention “reactionary alternatives” like Saidit, oh look Saidit picked up pedogate and watchpeopledie, nice they reacted to preserve their wrongfully banned, very wholesome interests. To me, the crux of the matter is that established authoritarians hate when the groups they expel are fine without them. It’s DIY, which is libertarian, which they also call “right-wing.”

It’s never used in a positive situation, like Hey look at her standing up for what’s right, she’s so reactionary! No, this sharticle is another example of women being told that pointing out inequality makes them “crazy.” Feminists said men can’t be women, and somehow that is “reactionary” and “alternative.”

Also any effort I put into this rant doesn’t correspond with how little I care that the author continues to use the word. I’m not like demanding an apology. The site needs more back and forth like this so I’m doing it.