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It helped for sure, but I think their killer feature was their "US free speech" content policy.

Yeah that's a good point, but they were far from unique in that regard. This plus their CSS (and the fact the site worked smoothly) is truly the thing that set them apart. Then they just lost control of the culture once it grew past a certain size, and I think the ruqqus admin team fractured from external pressures (real or manufactured). So the craziness of the culture they manufactured ended up being their downfall, in a way. They had a tiger by the tail and lost control. Meanwhile saidit has a more level-headed culture, which is more sustainable.

You are right about us being able to run 5 websites for the cost of 1, that's one of our killer features. Aaron Swartz and Spez designed it well back in the day.

Amen to that!