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Why do you make things up in all of your responses to me? It's impossible to discuss anything with you because you'll focus on imaginary issues you've made up and that don't relate to the discussion. You're an unusual user. Others don't constantly make up lies with all of their comments? Some of them do, but not as consistently as you do. The lie in this case is that you mentioned Q-anon in your previous post, in response to my first post, which did not mention Q-anon, and now you criticize my mention of Q-anon, as if it were my idea in my first post (but was not mentioned there). Instead, my mention of Q-anon was in response to your comment on the term. You do this sort of thing constantly, which re-directs discussion, which is NOT really about Q-anon. My 1st comment is about political bias. That's it. You also note that I don't "care about understanding this userbase", which is another lie, as many will tell you. I am here in order to try and understand these right-wing posts, some of which are extreme. I say this quite often. This is also why there is /s/ShitpostNews, which is a list I keep of the latest propaganda developments. Anyone can post there and make comments. If I were not trying to understand the userbase, I wouldn't have that list/sub. Please stop bothering me with these misdirections. There are other comments on Saidit you can read. Also - stop dragging discussions down the POD, as you do with EVERY response to me. Saidit is (supposedly) for civil discussion. When I noted this last time, you noted that I don't represent Saidit. This is another misdirection. One does not have to represent Saidit in order to follow the rules about the POD. I refer to the POD and M7's introductory invitation to Saidit. It's really simple and should be referred to more often.

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If I claim that you are a liar and drag down the POD, will it make me a good moral citizen too?

You can always block people you don't like.