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You call yourself a "truth seeker". Tell the truth. Is your sentence factual? Is it not? Was it a joke, and thus not factual? Moreover, where is Saidit's self-declaration that it's non-partisan and anti-corruption? (And stop insulting people who want to know the truth.)

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(And stop insulting people who want to know the truth.)

If you're not a lying sock of shit you have no insults to worry about.

If you can't see how you're lying, shilling, and supporting authoritarian bullshit, then you're not trying hard enough, as only you can stop most of the animosity that comes your way. If you're authentic it will be transparent and clear, but you're too deep in your own dense bullshit that you wear like a suit in a forum that doesn't like it. Why? Because you're here to disrupt.

Stop. Your. Bullshit.

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Again, you've not answered the question (as has happened regularly), and instead want to post insults. It's really sad, Jason. That's an easy question to answer, and you don't have to answer it. (Repeatedly posting insults instead of information is merely a cowardly bullying tactic, often by those who want to spread lies without being questioned. You will see this in all of the extremist propaganda, paid for by the .01%. You be you, Jason, not those people.)

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Instead of asking a question to my question, answer it or try asking a proper question - or just fuck off with your abundance of BULLSHIT LIES.

People know the difference between authenticity and your sealioning and shilling for the authorities. Your smears don't work and neither do your big pharma lies.

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Instead of asking a question to my question

Look at the thread. You are lying. You responded to my question, which is:

Is it, or any part of it, true or not true?

With insults instead of an answer, and with this paranoid schizophrenic question:

Are you, or any part of you, authentic or just a lying sock of shit?

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