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hahaha yes, it's a terrible example. His +general community and kicking posts to there is way more interesting.

my hot take is ruqqus never had a /s/subscribed aka 'popular' feed, which really fucked them and ultimately ruined the site. because this feed didn't exist, they had no way to show logged out 'normies' 'tame' content. they could only show them the /s/all feed in its full free speech glory.

their ideas for fixing this issue were insane, like admins marking which subs were offensive and which were not, or prompting you to choose what you were interesting in before seeing any content, like a damn online dating site.

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Insightful and fascinating stuff I hadn't considered before.

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That makes a lot of sense, I agree with that analysis. New users saw their most extreme side right away and ruqqus admins didn't have a way to change that without just changing the whole site culture.