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Yeah the default list was too big. They should have started with 20 general purpose subs and let it grow organically but it seemed to me whoever was setting it up knew what they were doing but they implemented everything in such a way that it would fail to grow.

-1 app notifications don't work. Those notifications are critical for anyone trying to grow a community. When every other social media is yelling hey, come back, people are replying to you, what happens to the one that stays silent?

-2 Search doesn't work. What is the point of posting about a topic when once it slid down the new posts list it is buried forever with not even a search to find it?

-3 upload to imgur doesnt work.

-4 Much of the time the thumbnail image doesnt work.

You could message d3rr about any of that and he made it clear he was quite happy with it as it is even though the number of users was rapidly dwindling.

There was so much they could have done to make saidit better than reddit. They could have done hashtags like twitter. They could have allowed embedded images and videos in posts like telegram and twitter. They could have introduced encrypted direct messaging. They could have added a mailbox to allow users to receive external email yet after going to all the effort of setting it up and encouraging thousands former redditors to join they did nothing except ensure the restrictive format remained unaltered.

The exact same thing they do on reddit and even that site. They work to prevent the users from composing compelling informative posts by not allowing images snd text in the same post.

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There was zero management on creating subs other than a wait time and then later a 40 max. THAT was the problem, always was, and still is.

We needed sub curation. M7D3 failed completely on that front. I and others were willing to do it.

LONG ago I recommended a site-wide notice area above or below the SaidIt search section in the sidebox (like in my CSS on /s/DecentralizeAllThings). This notice area would be brief with a few links to the latest news, updates, notifications, etc. They failed on that front too.

Yes, search sucks. I've got an indie-server and rented a VPS for decentralized platforms (Lemmy, Movim, NextCloud, PeerTube, Mastodon, etc.) and all we've got up is Docker and https://Projex.Wiki. /s/Cassy needs expert help. I'm absolute shit at web admin stuff. YaCy would be the decentralized search engine that could crawl SaidIt, WikiSpooks,, and all the truth-seeking sites we can think of.

Imgur uploads was broken for a couple years, then was fixed and worked since so far as I know. Haven't had problems.

The /u/d3rr is dead. Long live /u/smokeDrugs. He might help you.

Yes, hashtags/metatags was at the very top of my wish list. I don't know about embedded media, but I offered to host an archive if someone with code skills could make it. Don't know anything about encrypted direct messaging other than there are lots of Android apps for that. Mailboxes would have been great.

More important than all of these is the closed nature of the SaidIt management of magnora7. Because he refused to open it up for discussion nor improvement, because he simply hands down dictates, because he won't let others help manage SaidIt, it can only be as good as he allows by lazy default.

The exact same thing they do on reddit and even that site. They work to prevent the users from composing compelling informative posts by not allowing images [a]nd text in the same post.

I don't know exactly what this means. I'm trying to set up a couple Lemmy sites. I'm guessing they won't be much better. If I could code I'd set them up and set up an archive/search system to backup and share all the posts, media, etc. ideally with a good decentralized opensource gallery app (rather than having the Projex.Wiki be a large image bank).

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I joined Excellent format. They have it all. Even hashtags and really, hashtags are like virtual subs right? Thats how I like to think of them. I think a mastodon.saidit would be a good thing.

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There are a few issues with Mastodon. /s/DecentralizeAllThings/comments/9cuq/mastodon/

Hashtags rule, potentially.

Finally got a Lemmy instance up less than 24 hours ago. Mastodon is lower but on my list.

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Here are links to a couple of test posts I made on Mastadon. I think it's pretty neat. Nice short link URLs too.

I havent tried Lemmy.

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Lemmy is a decentralized Reddit-like feed forum. Simpler than SaidIt, but decentralized and well supported.


Somehow the Mastodons are supposed to be a decentralized network. I haven't played with it enough to know how to interconnect to "follow" you. Or to interconnect federated Mastodon and Lemmy.

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Yeah like you just said Mastodons is supposed to be decentralized. I've been looking more closely at it. The appears to be their main server as it has the most users by far and this guy Eugen is the lead developer and admin.

So look here

So scroll down and look at all the servers they banned from connecting with their I mean like WTF !! Why are they gonna go to all that trouble of setting up this distributed network and then ban everyone else from connecting with their server?

...and that Eugen character does nothing but post pictures of cats. Weird.

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Oh yeah I see how this works... I followed you even though we are registered at different servers. It just asked for my @user@server address and that was it.