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anyone coming here will have been to reddit and will know how it works.

You assume too much. I didn't come from Reddit, and I know of others too. Now I'm trying to bring folks from Facebook, and other realms here.

Find subs thru all and thru searching for them, and anyone on the internet knows how to use a search bar.

Do you know what the last batch of subs I made are? Most folks don't unless they are brought to their attention. Old-Reddit/SaidIt search is for shit, and so is DuckDuckGo, etc. Until there's a good search here you can't rely on it.

so we'll just auto subscribe everyone to everything basically,

That's how it first was, but even then once you had an account it didn't automatically subscribe you to all the new ones.

Those making such [obscure] subs probably know their sub will be hard to find and maybe they want it that way.

And for those of us who try to make clear topical subs, what then?

You're arguing to be argumentative.