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Editorial discretion is for normies who don't log in, tbh. Weak argument.

I agree, but I respect the M7D3 founding concepts for SaidIt. /s/Cassy will be different and have an open process - but it won't be wild chaos either.

I'd like to have a way to see all the "problematic" subs in one place, in fact.

That is a terrific idea!!! It might be worth having at least two of them though. "NSFW" and "Unsuitable Concepts" (I do not like to /s/WatchPeopleDie, but there aren't words I need to avoid.) I stopped categorizing SaidIt subs a couple years ago (long story) so you can ignore the bottom majority of this wiki post, but the top is important about MultiSubs that combine multiple subs into one feed. There are Linked-Multisubs and User-Multisubs like the many I've created in /u/JasonCarswell, in the sidebox listed below the subs I moderate. You can copy my user-multisubs to your own user's profile where you can then customize them - or you can just start your own lists.

Here's one linked-multisub off the top of my head:

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I do not like to /s/WatchPeopleDie

There is some potential advantage found there for people who wish to continue living.

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I'm not suggesting it be censored. I'm just differentiating the controversial content. Perhaps there are other differences we should consider too that I haven't thought of.