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But at least it allows people to express the negative side of things. In the absence of negativity, we users are only able to express ourselves given the available functions that remain.

How about writing a negative comment you moronic modern scum. The downvote is a tool for the majority of moronic modern scum to attack the non-moronic minority without having to explain themselves.

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This. Downvotes are like passive aggressive cop-outs.

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Excellent point. Too much social media is distorted by fake internet points for inflating egos.

It's somewhat ironic that while there are some people who would argue for de-anonymizing social media and require real name policies etc., they would still likely prefer to hide cowardly behind vote counters.

I might just end up going back to arguing on USENET to avoid all this gamification, if it's still there...

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This is an interesting take, I wanted to post it here since SaidIt famously doesn't have up/down buttons maybe for this reason.

It's very true how having a "like-only" model (e.g. Twitter/FB) distorts actual opinion, and hence people's perception of reality. Twitter even has an unofficial proxy for it with "the ratio".

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Woke mobs and bots would just obliterate all wrong think and curate mediocre corporate narrative.

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Down votes facilitate the suppression of information and censorship that amounts to at least 50% of what is wrong with reddit. The other 50% is the Mod STASI that runs it.

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I don't mind downvotes as long as they don't subtract from the upvotes.

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Downvotes won't help if most people on social media are liberals