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Does SaidIt have any online web store?

Jimmy Dore is pushing their SpreadShirt stuff more.

In 2001 or so I started one on Cafe Press, abandoned circa 2008.

I know there are more but these are ones I immediately know of: Cafe Press, CustomInk, Redbubble, Shutterfly, Spreadshirt, Teespring, Vistaprint, Zazzle

I'm seeking recommendations for a webstore as well, not just for my next big project(s) and my personal designs, but also for truther Holly Seeliger of Zoon Politikon. ( ) I already edited an audio track down that we arrived at after a long process of elimination for the best thing we both agreed on (Baroque Dubstep - G.F. Händel feat. Veramin We also corresponded for a few months and developed a Zoon Politikon rebranding campaign. I started animating an intro/outro for her but shelved it last February. In the summer either she or someone did some work on her branding (not particularly good). I also have several designs in mind to produce for her web store.

What I'm looking for (and I suspect she'd agree) is a webstore that provides a good ethical product (not cheap imported toxic shit), is environmentally responsible, is ethical to its employees, and also provides a fair profit while taking their fair share.

In my experience Cafe Press seemed to exploit their dominance in that era and didn't give me a decent cut. Their products were mostly good. At the time I didn't know how their products were made or if they treated their employees well.

In 2007 or 2008 I was considering changing. I think to a worker coop and/or Zazzle, which is American. The site was recognized by TechCrunch as 2007's "best business model".

These days I wonder if it might be worth looking into 3D printing to independently manufacture custom vinyl patches, gadgets, gizmos, bobble-heads, etc. I don't know enough about it, other than I can port 3D animation models and designs to CAD to print if necessary.

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TShirts and bumper stickers might work. Snarky bumper stickers would do it for me... "Mommy what was freedom like?"

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"Mommy, what's a wage slave?"

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Kaboom! Nice.

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Why child, we all are.