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Sorry I was vague earlier, my bad. Every sub has the capability for it, but it's disabled by default unless the sub moderators enable it.

I've created a sub with wiki enabled, and set the settings so anyone can edit the wiki (as opposed to just the sub mods, or approved wiki editors for the sub). You can try it out here: then click the 'wiki' tab

The controls for the wiki page are on the bottom right. There's a lot of functionality here, so have fun playing around with it!

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Usually I get too excited about some things so I'll try to be restrained as I give you my first impressions - FUCKING AWESOME ! ! !

And I haven't even tried it out yet. I'm going to refrain because 1) I'll save that for my projects, 2) I've been playing around on SaidIt too much and ignoring my 2 top priority projects, one of which I intend to introduce here soon, but I still have to prep it, 3) I have a smaller project, hopefully self propelled, that could be perfect for this and it will be my next sub.

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Sounds great! We'd love to have more subs that are wiki-based. It's something that was pretty under-utilized on reddit, so I think there's a lot that could be done with it!