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Yes, it is off topic.

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Can we finally create a sub to centralize the conflict resolution and drama?

Be pithy, witty, diplomatic, or to the point and clear in the name, which IMO should be voted upon. There already is /s/saiditCleanup, but I think it may just be for reporting spam and STABs.

Then when it comes to the drama or debatable stuff like this, we can just say talk to /s/TheHand or take it /s/Outside or duel to the death in /s/Thunderdome or /s/SaidItColosseum.

That name will attract drama queens and bloodlust but their words and actions will make that understood, and easy to ignore. Meanwhile the adults can moderate above the fray and those who want to stay clear can avoid the sub altogether like they might /s/WatchPeopleDie.

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Please do!

Disclaimer: I'm not an admin.

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Nuclearbomb called for the bombing of Palestine. He'a a troll. Probably Loki. What is your nonmormons sub even about? Yeah, that post is a troll post anyway.

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