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What specific kind of content are you looking for in a video game sub?

It may not exist on this site already, but knowing what you're seeking ... guides, strategy, memes, general discussion, etc etc ... that can either help people point you towards a sub that exists, or maybe even make a new sub for it.

Or ... you and other users can start contributing to the existing subs and help form the culture of them beyond just links.

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I wasn't exactly looking for anything you listed. But after giving it some thought, I am basically looking for posts that indicate what people (the community) are up to. One or two individuals sharing external links to videos they obviously did not make can not be any further from what I'm looking for.

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Sounds like it might be good to create a sub for a couple games you enjoy, and start forming the community. Subs with a larger and grander focus (like Gaming or PCGaming) will probably end up a little too generic.

Or do you mean a sub that's a little more personal, and the users all just happen to have the common bond of loving gaming? I'm not sure I'm expressing that correctly, but here's two examples:

1) A Twitch streamer plays <whatever game> and gets a small but regular community of watchers. The streamer forms a Discord where everyone can just chat with each other off-Twitch about anything they want. They came together because of love for the streamer and the game, but found community with each other personally.
2) A couple friends in the same city play Pokemon Go, and can't find others to play with regularly besides each other. They start a city-wide Discord and advertise it around, and eventually get a few hundred people in the server. Some of them have even become friends outside of playing PoGo, and it's because they met in this community and were able to talk about regular ol' life stuff instead of ONLY PoGo.

Is something like those examples more like what you're looking for?

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No, I don't want to follow a Twitch streamer or join a Discord channel. All I want is a sub with a loose community. The s/Gaming and s/PCGaming subs is one or a few people sharing links no one else cares about.

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You have to sort of breathe life into them. There's a lot of dead ass subs, but with a few posts you might be able to garner attention.

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