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Been cursing Microsoft as usual for their satanically defective Windowshit software.

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Hah, same!

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Well, give us examples!

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I haven't used Windows in years. Never had to complain about their stuff for a long time.

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I've been working on a website for my mom for the past few weeks. I actually need to get back to that, since she is paying me — not for hours, but the sooner I'm done, the better. After this, I need to entirely redo my personal website. Ain't sure what I want, though... but I've got'o do so'm.

I've also had computer problems (long story), so I need to get around to checking/replacing my CMOS battery. Not sure if I'll ever actually get around to it, though.

What you been doin, Ant?

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, so I need to get around to checking/replacing my CMOS battery. Not sure if I'll ever actually get around to it, though.

I'm glad you're considering that. I'm not always right but I do have a talent for diagnostics. It's definitely the easiest thing to fix.

The battery looks like this and it's going to be on your motherboard somewhere. Probably near the BIOS. You need to get that number on it first so you are sure you're getting the right replacement (2025 in this case). Usually they say CR2025, but this pic is different, maybe cause it's lithium. Might be a 2032, might be something else (although I doubt it, those are the two sizes I usually see)

Anyways, try and find that cheap, cause those goddamned batteries are more expensive then they have any right to be. My soundbar works on a 2025. Gee thanks, I get to spend $5 every few months if I want to hear the TV from something besides flat screen speakers.

Although I have to say that is the best work anniversary present so far. You know, companies that give you a choice of various crap for working 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years. Went with a soundbar one time and it's the only one of those crap things I ever use. Highly recommend one, flat screen TVs have crappy speakers.

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It can't be that hard to solder in a different battery holder. But i bet you will be disappointed in the quality of other batteries. Those little button things pack a punch for thier size.

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I dunno. They fit a useful profile but I think their perception of endurance is because they're used in applications where they tend to last years due to low draw. Not so with a remote. It's far less superior to even AAA batteries in that area.

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Good question, nothing is more important than community building. But I wouldn't want most people from SaidIt in my community. I don't want anything to do with modern scum (members of depraved modern western culture).

I run a weekly Online Old Testament Readings. This is a small group.

I have been traveling to find where best to have a good physical community, and I found this. Now I will encourage people to visit and consider moving there.

I would love to have a good open source programming community, but the problem is that almost all programmers are modern scum. For now I have this forum and I have developed a programming language and Java library that I could contribute to such a community. Since basically all of humanity is currently worthless scum incapable of writing good code, my plan is to teach Mexican Mennonites to program and have them become good programmers.

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Aside from complexity, what about other desirable features of programming languages: for instance speed or low-level access? Fortran is still used for a reason. Could you program an OS in LUAN?

Also, you use the phrase Old Testament, but do you believe in the New Testament?

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A programming language should be optimized for one programming domain. Luan is good for application programming. Java is good for writing libraries. A programming language designed for application programming doesn't have to worry much about speed or low-level access. With that said, Luan is one of the fastest application programming languages (untyped languages) around.

I am not Christian. I like Jesus but I don't believe in the supernatural parts of the New Testament. I specifically follow (and study) the Old Testament.

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You have any luck finding a new forum?

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No. I even offered to fund someone to develop one, but no takers.

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We have a Sessions group chat about trying to find a new forum. I mentioned you because I remembered you writing about that. I'd like to add you. I'm pretty sure you don't like me or the kind of person I am from your writings but I think we want the same thing ultimately and we would both benefit despite being rather opposed in views. Or maybe because of it. Don't we both want a forum where opposing views won't be silenced?

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My latest thoughts on forums are here. If this seems in line with what you want, then sure I would be interested in talking more. I don't know what Sessions is and I avoid chat since I mostly work during the week, but I can try it.

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That's weird. Because I was looking at assembly language programming communities some time ago. The reoccuring theme, at least of the ones I found, was strangely Christian.

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Planning my next permaculture garden and custom murphy bed for the new house I'll be moving to soon. Working on a couple board games. Continuing to run my business and build a community around it which means helping others learn how to teach. Reading Jungian philosophy. You know, the usual.

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I'm interested in your murphy bed project. I've been thinking about one in our spare bedroom/home office/game room.

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Lots of other vids out there too.

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Are you making your own board games? What are they like?

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I'm new and I suck at it but I like to tinker with concepts I know and am interested in. Permaculture and sport I compete in. I want to make an evolution type game and a early society one too though the bigger the concept the more challenging it is to compress it into something understandable and models what you're looking at. I like that.

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Recently bought a new car, watched Godzilla vs. Kong at the movies, picked up an oz of Gorilla Glue 4, did the dishes, ran some errands, played video games with the kids, finished rewatching Fringe with the wife, and I'm reading an awesome trilogy by Jay Allen called Portal Wars.

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Does what work?

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Mostly talking about the ultimate solution to all mankind's problems, trying to get enough people interested.

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What's the solution?

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The exact science of the mind.

It allows absolute personal freedom, so that collective issues do not matter anymore.

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Built a greenhouse and chicken coop

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I'm jealous. Maybe this fall for me.

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For the most part I've been looking into forum software and decentralized apps such as Retroshare and Aether. I want to set up a community for conspiracy conscious people. Such as this site, basically, but more focused on discussions.

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I mentioned this over on reddit when some blackpilled woman said 'you can't change your personality' but I've been trying to do just that. So far the progress was noticeable at first but I've hit some large systemic issues when trying to attack where I think I'll make the most head-way. So rather than get soft-locked, I think I'll just go back to the old incremental gains method of trimming back the edges.

So it is possible, but I've realized again that there are some very good reasons for having 'bad scores' in some of the big 5 traits. And it's not worth wrecking my life to correct all of them.

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you can't change your personality' but I've been trying to do just that.

I often think about this. There are many things about myself I can change. Sometimes though it's like I'm on autopilot and while I can't stop it, I can see exactly how I'm acting.

I've had a number of head injuries and concussions. I also wonder if that has anything to do with it.

What are you trying to change about your personality?

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Isn't this part of what they push with cognitive behavioral therapy? The notion is that you take a more objective view of behaviors that you would like to change, and once you've seen them it helps to figure out a way to improve.

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The goal in both is modifying behavior but CBT relies on a therapist to convince a patient that their thinking is distorted, to convince them to believe and behave differently. To ultimately stop the automatic behavior.

I accept there are things I can't modify, namely the automatic behavior cbt was meant to stop, and the things I can, and choose to modify are done because I want to. Nobody has to convince me of it.

But that autopilot isn't about rational thought.

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Tell us your problems, let saidit therapize the shit out of you free of charge

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For one, dangerously low enthusiasm.

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Yeah there is autopilot and there is a gas tank for free will. Putting her in manual burns that stuff. Managing environment and schedule helps with circumstance, and diet + exercise can expand the gas tank. I find internally "punishing" certain thought patterns with manual aggressive thought can help shrink the target and help increase awareness of it as well if its sneaky.

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That's some great advice.

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I have been in a couple of fantasy baseball leagues since the late 1980's. About half of us are original members. This weekend we held both auctions/drafts; NL Saturday and AL Sunday. For me, it's a painful process from gathering data and stats heading in, and then sitting for 6 hours each day trying to get the players I want. Even though I'm so tired right now, I have fun getting together once a year so we can make fun of each other and tell our stories of what we've done over the past year. What about you?

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So you post this and tell us nothing about what you’re up to?

I’m making art, raising a family, building a garden, and feuding with my neighbors.

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I didn't expect this many responses.

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Ah. It's the psychological trick of getting people to talk about themselves.

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What kind of feud?

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The kind with a years long set up of big beautiful shade trees that fuck their view for the rest of human history while raising our property value and enriching the neighborhood.

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It shows how some people are such control freaks in cases like that. I understand if they are upset over sounds or smells, but views hurt no one. Good luck to you.

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Neighborhood busybodies doing what they do. “You know, people here don’t like a lot of change!” Okay white lady, I’ll keep my brown ass over here doing my thing.

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I moved in to a neighborhood like that. They eventually got used to me, or got tired of trying to persuade me to do things their way. I even had my next door neighbor, while I was out of town, pull an equipment trailer, loaded with an old Vega, back onto his farm. He didn't like the view from his bedroom window to where it sat behind my garage. It was then destroyed by some teenagers from the adjacent neighborhood. The only reason I didn't get the Sheriff involved was because he was my Aunt's brother-in-law and because he paid for both the car and the trailer.

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Ugh, yeah these types of people have a lot of time to be petty like that. It really sucks you couldn’t call the police about it but at the same time, it wouldn’t fix the Vega.

I hope they get tired of bothering us soon, but I’m lucky they just snoop while walking. They know my race card trumps all right now so they won’t dare say anything to me.

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My brother fucked my chicken, that kinda feud.

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I wouldn't think that was possible, but I went to school with a transplant from SoCal and he said it was a real thing in certain neighborhoods.

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I sent back a mess of junk mail to their senders marked "return to sender" and "remove from mailing list". I had to use a marker to black out my address and the sending bar code, so the stuff wouldn't find its way back into my mailbox. I've done more, but I don't want to bore people with anything further. Besides, I think what I just shared is the most useful thing anyone could do right now.

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I've been doing secretive things, in secret. You?

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Oh baby.

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I scrolled through and caught a few "what have YOU been up to" posts, so here's mine.

I've been using "quarantine time" to recover my eyesight (aiming to get 20/20 back). I've gone from being:

  • unable to read the screen at all without contacts or glasses

  • able to read the screen without glasses, but with big font and zoom

  • able to read the screen without glasses, with normal font and less zoom.

Currently, I'm reading The Relative Theory of Money and trying out the (crypto)currency based on it. As usual, I'm playing video games (generally, the ones that are color coded enough to play with blurry vision).