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I can't remember if saidit coded this part up or not. I think the intention is it lets admins notify you/reply when you are banned and give an explanation to you. There's also sitewide messages from admins maybe.

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I think it was part of reddit, that admins can't block users and users can't block admins. It makes sense if there needs to be a site-wide announcement or whatever, but I really wouldn't mind either way tbh

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I do remember that admins can't block users but I'm not sure about the other way around. But I know modmails are not affected by blocks so blocking an admin shouldn't be an issue.

What's odd is that there is no option to block admins on their posts, but there is one in my inbox, though it doesn't actually work.

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Usually those would come from anonymous modmail in which case I believe the block has no effect. Automatic messages would also come from the system account. You can block sub mods and it's not a problem so it shouldn't be any different for admins.

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Well I don't know if this solves all mysteries, but the system account is also an admin.

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Yes, but it's also separately flagged as the system account.

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Improvements could be made, probably not a bad idea

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another reason why admins should not be normal user accounts.

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That would be a decent idea too actually. That way the official operations and personal content would be split.

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I've thought about doing that in the past, and maybe I'll do that, but a big part of the reason people migrated here originally was the articles that I wrote under the name magnora7, so I didn't want to discontinue that name as a normal user. But now that's not as big a draw so maybe it'd be smart to split the two

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I figured that the admin account would have the alternate username, not the personal one

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Yes that's not a bad idea, but I still have to explain to everyone that that alternate username is run by the same person as the magnora7 account, and then if they know both are admins I almost don't see the point of splitting them in the first place, you know what I mean?

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Some people might want to block an admin because they don't like their content.

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Yeah I see, fair point

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There should be a hierarchy of admins, determined by their points on comments and submission, but also there should be a way to give feedback on the decisions they make. So if a comment gets removed, everyone can still vote on it, and the admin gets the points. In theory the admin with more points is the one whose actions agree with the users, and therefore should have the power to moderate any other admin below them.

I don't know if this is the solution, but certainly the current way crowd sourcing sites are moderated, is too easy to exploit and dominate the users. There is no incentive for admins to "behave" other than their own morals.

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    Yeah that's definitely a problem. it would need a bot filter of some kind. Many forums have implemented user hierarchies that affect voting power. This could work hand in hand with the admin hierarchy. All new users, including bots would have little voting power, and comparitively no influence to the vast majority of accounts that, in theory, would be used more often gaining more voting power... but this heavily depends on making sure human actions are rewarded, like commenting, and even implement machine learning on upvoting frequency etc, as oppose to simple things a bot would do.

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    i left reddit after having to deal with way to many power tripping band admins because i didn;t agree with their questionable judgements and being an older person and little restrictions on saying how i see it...BANNED

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    The overseer doesn't want to be blocked.

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    if you go on mass shooting at walmart, can you shot the manajer?

    no, of course not.

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