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Text posts can be nice for building community. Posting only links and nothing else feels a bit lazy and cold at times, I agree. But both have their usefulness

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Catch 22, right? I have decided to try to post more original content, even it is about my uninteresting hobbies. When I do a web search for a technical question and answer, I often end up in forums and find what I'm looking for. If enough people here start up posts with original content and informative conversations with the exchange of ideas and experience, we might get away from the wall of external links.

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Not really. It's usually not worth spending time writing something when someone else has done a better job elsewhere. Hence the link.

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I can't care less of what some e-celebrity on YouTube, who I'll never interact or have contact with, does. Regardless of how mundane the people around me are (even in the internet sense of being able to directly respond), what they do matters 1000x more.