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So you're mad there's too much shit being stirred up, so in response you stir up more shit? Genius

Amelia does the job right, and was the only one who actually wanted to help with this website instead of just blaming me for everything, like you are. What they do in their personal time is of no concern to me.

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I love you magnora7 and appreciate all you do for us <3

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Thank you, cheers. I like your username, I'm going to make coffee now! :)

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I see I emphatically agreed in that thread, so this is going to sound a little weird. Socks replied to one of my comments in the past couple days with a legitimate reply! You'd never guess it was socks who typed it, but it really was! No shilling, just sentences that appeared to come from a normal user. It was pretty amazing.

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Ironic, I just wrote "You call u/socks a shill though and I'm pretty sure he's not. " to Jason.

He's just liberal and you guys disagree with him. Hell, I disagree with him a lot but I see where he's coming from.

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He's 50% insightful and 50% shill. That's part of their shilling charm. Most people on SaidIt are too smart and/or independent to fall for their bullshit.

Edit: And/or skeptical.

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Hey, I would want to help, but I'm already spread too thin to be reliable. I do what I can by forwarding spammer links to TAM when I run across them.

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Uh, so Magnora7 made a mentally ill individual an admin?

Wow. Very cesspool move.

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To be fair, that information came out long after they joined the team, not before

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Well, be rid of them. NOBODY wants the insane lording over them. Except the insane.

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Who is lording over who? They just remove ads and obvious spam, and that's all they're allowed to do.

The whole basis of this comment and the OP is incorrect for this reason. They have hardly any power, they just make my life easier (except for when I went away for a week because of the ice storm but they know not to do that sort of thing now and are only allowed to remove ads and obvious spam)

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OK then. I'm just pissed at all the far-left trash making home here. Isn't reddit perfect for them? I know, I know... That's not for you to say, I understand.

Still. Sigh.

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I mean other people are equally upset at the far-right trash making home here.

What should I do? Just delete any posts I deem too extreme? That's like the definition of biased moderating, and I'm not sure what type of rule(s) could be created that would draw a clear line.

It's just kind of a lose-lose situation in a lot of ways, unfortunately

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Being able to debate with people of radically opposing viewpoints without getting banned is the reason that I am here instead of reddit (where I am perma-banned). Please do not change this site to one that ousts people for their political stance.

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We don't plan to, but at the same time we have to protect ourselves against trolls being far-extremists with dozens of accounts with the intent of hijacking the site's culture to drive the normal users away, which is something that happens regularly to most forums. It's what happened to voat and poal and many other websites, and then they have to clean it up and crack down, or they eventually shut down because all that's left of their userbase is trolls and bots. Saidit maintains a middle-of-the-road approach, and that's not changing.

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The far-left already have reddit. We of righteousness have nowhere.

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You addressed none of the points I brought up

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Because you are right in what you write. There, I wrote it. Is this enough?

I'm just complaining that we have nowhere, not that it's your fault. Although your definition of "obvious spam" leaves to be desired.

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I appreciate it. Truly though we have nowhere because spammers and trolls destroy every large forum of substance, and so this has to be defended against.

If we stopped deleting the attacks, this forum would be destroyed by disinformation and spam rather quickly. We're talking sometimes hundreds of automated posts a day, in ways that cannot be blocked and instead have to be removed after the fact.

The "obvious spam" is stuff like viagra pill ads, links to download printer drivers, indian ringtone download pages, "find immigration consultants in Austrialia", and things like that. Very obvious spam that literally no one wants.

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    No, all the win sites are run by the same Zionist shills who run Voat and Poal. They also have the same banning procedure.

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    Not everyone who's trans is "far-left trash." Being trans is a medical condition / body modification choice, not a political viewpoint. That's like saying everyone who gets a tattoo must vote Democrat.

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    trans is a mental disorder

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    Who is lording over who? They just remove ads and obvious spam, and that's all they're allowed to do.

    Do you actually believe that? did you not investigate any of the reports when he went totally power mad? I get that he later removed all the content, but he set up public trials

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    Yes I did investigate and I don't disagree with any bans they made. I did disagree with the public trials post, but we've already rectified that issue as I've said repeatedly and it's in the past

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      no, it was in their FIRST EVER POST. the one where they invited us to go look at all their websites, then accused us of stalking them when we did, and then deleted that first post and made a new one, pretended it never happened and began gaslighting. We'd already sussed that they were aiming to take over saidit and 'reform' it to suit their own agenda, because he told US he wanted to do that.

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      I noticed that Said it was turning liberal

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      I noticed that you shouldn't care and just post what you find interesting whoch is what I do.

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      I noticed that the stuff i was finding interesting was being [removed] for no good reason

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      All the [deleted] posts were spam and the dudes from Ironleft, from what I've seen. In line with Saidit or not, they were banned and then kept ban evading with a billion other usernames shitting up the front page and being massive cunts. Kinda wish there were device bans for them, since they've pretty much proven complete irredeemability by continuing to show up and shit up.

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      Yup. And they'll post obviously fake comments and then use fake accounts to upvote their comment to the top of the thread. Then when I delete it, the first comment says "deleted" when everyone loads the thread. They've been doing this a lot lately...

      They spoof their device IDs and their IPs, so there's no way to tag them and pre-emptively ban them. That's why this is such a problem. They've got an awful lot of techniques they've developed to perfect these attacks.

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      Is there any way to just remove the whole OP posts altogether before people start responding to it? I think that may be contributing towards the questions about censorship, because to users that haven't been exposed to or know what's going on it simply looks like some rando got his account deleted for a regular post.

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      Yeah, but to do that I would have to watch the new/comments feed literally 24 hours a day, which isn't really an option

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      You do have more than enough volunteer labor to watch the feed 24/7 if you want it/trust people not to powertrip. I was joking about making me an admin, I really don't want to moderate people because people treat you differently and it defeats why I go on forums but if you need people to just clean up spam you have a ton of people here who absolutely love saidit and just want to see it succeed.

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      You do have more than enough volunteer labor to watch the feed 24/7 if you want it/trust people not to powertrip

      You'd think so, but most people in practice have the same attitude as you. "Id rather it not affect my ability to comment and post, I don't want to ruin my user experience" which I understand. Also it's a lot of work, so I don't want to try to force anyone to do it who doesn't want to.

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      Not if you want to exist as a functional being outside of your keyboard, I get it. I'm not sure what to suggest to resolve it though.

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      Yeah no one knows how to fix it. That's why almost every single forum is super fucked up these days. It's the unsolvable problem that's destroying real culture. The only real solution is to hire a team of people to watch the feed 24/7, and that's quite expensive. But that's what most major sites do.

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      Eh, not necessarily paying them. Can I PM you?

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      Sure, but you're suggesting getting a volunteer team of people to watch the feed? The thing is that most of the people who volunteer for that job are shills trying to hijack the site, so it makes it very difficult to find someone who isn't a shill.

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      They're pros. Or they're using new tools developed by pros. You gotta realize, the US govt and its contractors spent the last 20 years fighting insurgencies both in the field and online. They got really good at it. Now they're turning their power to bear on us. Their goal isn't even to "win" arguments online. Their goal is to demoralize the enemy and make him quit out of exhaustion. Yuri Berezemov style.

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      Yup it's just to make everything so chaotic and confusing with such intensity and duration that everyone just simply gives up out of mental and emotional exhaustion.

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      Don't let the bastards win, man. Fight the good fight. More people than you know support you.

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      Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. Trying my best.

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      Yeah iron left were just site disrupters not interested in any kind of conversation. Paid social media influencers I'm sure.

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      It would be neat if they wouldn't make an effort to send out personal DMs to make sure that their points are seen. Either way, it would be incredible if they were paid to frolic off elsewhere.

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      We have to realize that we're in a new era of social media. We the people are increasingly being not just silenced, but disrupted and demoralized so that we won't even bother communicating with each other any more. Today's soldiers don't carry guns but macbooks.

      Our rulers have figured out if they let us talk with each other freely, we will figure out their schemes and more to the point figure out that we don't need them and would be better off without them. It's war. They're defending themselves from us.

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      Social media is just a form of social engineering, more or less, yeah? It's a great tactic, to exhaust someone from even bothering to make an effort to speak anymore.

      You know, there was a little website that I worked for under 1099 that had job roles dealing with social media. Some of it was just labeling things and sifting out porn, but there were other projects that dealt with "fact checking" for social media sites. I never took those projects on but I wonder if there wasn't something going on there too. When random 1099 workers have the ability to screech out that information is false or take further measures to remove it/send it further top for reprimanding/whatever, that's got potential to crush folks that have opposing opinions.

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      [removed] is admin/mod action. [deleted] is user action. If tam hadn't deleted the posts from the ironleft dudes, you'd know that, as they were really informative.

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      That was right around the time /u/magnora7 rate-limited my posts because he didn't like my free speech.

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      We don't have account-specific rate-limiting...

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      Not implemented technologically, but you required that I post no more than 8 submissions per 24 hour period or an account ban. Same totalitarianism, different implementation. I thought this site was meant for a diversity of opinion, it seems that in reality you only allow free speech that you care for.

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      Yeah it's not meant for one shill to hijack the whole front page. The same rule applies to everyone.

      You're trying to manufacture drama against the site to drive others away, and it's not a good look.

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      "Shill" is an abusive perjorative used to describe normal users. I'm not hijacking anything, if it gets to the front page, it's due to upvotes. Nor do I care to push any agenda, I just like interesting news.

      Why are you so afraid that others might have a voice? It seems like you are purposely nerfing this site to ensure Reddit and other mainstream sites dominate. I hardly contribute to the subs I have created here any more due to the artificial limitation you put on me (and not on other users).

      The other thing that irks me, is the lack of exposure for those small subs that are just beginning. It creates a chilling effect and in the end most people end up posting to the main subs because they know their posts will go unseen otherwise. The default subs being shown for those not logged in is really limiting.

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      I just told you it applies equally to everyone.

      Saidit does have shills, and they do hijack the front page. This has to be dealt with. Your ignorance of the problem does not make it disappear.

      Nor should one user be able to take over the front page. This is a community, not one person's sounding board.

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      Well if you look at the diversity of my posts, you will see that it is not a shill account. I engage with other posters and respectfully agree or disagree with viewpoints. I'm not trying to smother anyone.

      Treating me like I'm a shill when I'm an enthusiast is like a car company limiting a driver's mileage by turning off the ignition if they travel often.

      I see Saidit turning into Reddit very quickly, in the same way when the CCP bought into it with ownership. Ever since then the moderation was overbearing, and free speech was crushed.

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      Your posts actually have pretty poor diversity, imo.

      But the point is, this is a community. This is not your personal soap box. 8 a day is more than enough.

      If you find this overbearing, I'd suggest you've not really used too many forums

      [–]christnmusicreleases 8 insightful - 4 fun8 insightful - 3 fun9 insightful - 4 fun -  (51 children)

      Then I suggest you put that limitation on all users or admit that you're the shill here. What is it with leftists? Free speech for me but not for thee.

      If you could only speak eight times a day, would that be free speech? I didn't use Reddit like that, why would I expect Saidit to be less free than them?

      It's all in the algorithm. You can tweak it if you want to push a certain diversity. You don't need to muzzle your userbase, especially the leaders who are building subs and regularly posting and engaging with other users. Look at yourself in the mirror. Your posts aren't much different than mine, a bit of politics, a bit of technology, a bit of humor, and a few serious posts.

      [–]magnora7 14 insightful - 3 fun14 insightful - 2 fun15 insightful - 3 fun -  (33 children)

      It is on all users, I already said that twice

      It's like you're deliberately not paying attention to what I'm saying, and instead just want to cause trouble.

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      I agree that the limitation must be for everyone, including me. I've not heard of an 8/day limit until now. I do not like it at all. If anything, this is more arbitrary M7 bullshit. IF there's a limit to be imposed, the community should vote on it in /s/SaidItSurveys.

      Further, the voting must be managed and prepared - openly. As I've previously pushed for countless times, if there was special announcements in the header or sidebox people would be notified of important community news rather than stumbling upon them by chance in /s/all - easily overlooked if you miss a day or few.

      Failing that, we could announce a date for the election, at least a week in advance, tweak the criteria up to the election with community feedback, then have the election. This is a better way to social-manage the community - openly.

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      You're not a shill but you're making yourself believe you are a victim of shill shaming.

      Saidit turning into Reddit very quickly, in the same way when the CCP bought into it with ownership. Ever since then the moderation was overbearing, and free speech was crushed.

      I respectfully disagree on so many levels. I understand that alt. Mossad waves feed such propaganda but saidit is plainly not what you say it has become or will it ever head in that direction.

      Secondly, reddit's ownership and largest shareholders are Zionists such as Newhouse. The CCP nor ZioCons are going to bring saidit down. But if you feel a critique against you is akin to saidit's downfall then find a new place.

      [–]christnmusicreleases 4 insightful - 3 fun4 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)

      The Chinese did buy out a percentage of Reddit, and that is when the hammer went down on /r/The_Donald and subsequently all subreddits later on. Henceforth Ruqqus exploded, Saidit grew, and Poal became known by the masses.

      [–]Jesus 8 insightful - 3 fun8 insightful - 2 fun9 insightful - 3 fun -  (12 children)

      Bots and shills number far more on internet subs and on twitter and elsewhere than people would like to admit.

      [–]magnora7 11 insightful - 4 fun11 insightful - 3 fun12 insightful - 4 fun -  (10 children)

      I used to think it was like 10% shills and bots, but now I realize it's more like 50-80%, and getting worse. The internet is truly a mess because of it. It's just like how the telephone system is a mess because of all the robocalls. And the mail system is a mess because of all the advertising spam.

      I really dislike all of it, our communication systems are systematically hijacked by people trying to exploit and abuse, and the people who own the communications systems either encourage it or turn a blind eye. It's upsetting

      [–]Jesus 5 insightful - 3 fun5 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 3 fun -  (9 children)

      No, it is far more than 10%. The wild west was the internet and the powers did not suspect that it would be freely avaliable to all people. The goal was them to give it to all who want it but at a censored, heavily controlled cost. Bots are rather easy to program and replicate over and over again in more sophisticated way and shills are in it for the money; and where congress members are easily lobbied by a few thousand, shills are as well, even moreso when foreign power agendas are at play.

      Yup, landline was fine for many years, updated to VOIP, was forced to, and now I get robo calls and scams multiple times a day. The fix? Buy an app, sell your private data so a company can block the calls for you. An easy security niche market that corporations will use to their benefit.

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      Yup even email is filled with spam. Literally every communication system except just talking to someone face-to-face. And even then they can parrot spam without realizing it because ads have become such a central part of our culture. Everyone knows who Captain Crunch is even though he only exists to sell cereal. Our culture has been largely redesigned around merchandise like this, and it's caused an alienation of humans from the culture they consume. I think that could be the root cause of all this depression and mental illness that is so widespread in modern developed civilization.

      Countries like Spain have made billboards illegal. I think this is the type of thinking is good. We need to get away from this swamp of advertising and communications system abuse (and the resulting emotional abuse from all the scams and so on) that we're all become mired in. I think it's a very serious problem that's basically being completely ignored in the public discourse. Basically because the public discourse is being led by those same communications networks. They'd never rat themselves out to the public.

      It's a bizarre problem that humanity faces at this moment in history. We almost need a revolution of our communications systems, to remake it for the public good rather than for advertising and scammers to abuse like it's the wild west. The saturation of misuse of these systems has become unstable, bad effects are bound to happen because of how it affects people psychologically and how it affects how they view communication. It's a very bad problem that at its worst may result in many global cultures being hijacked with the intent to destroy/reshape them, but many people can't see the full scope of the issue.

      Every human is basically being hit with a firehose of information these days, and it's sink or swim. Those best able to filter through it, or ignore it, or transcend it, will fare the best. But many people are just caught in the torrents of shill-generated nonsense (or computer-generated), many without even realizing how inorganic it truly is. But a lot of people are learning quickly because the abuse is so common. But this also trains each man to be an island, and to trust no one. One person with a computer-generated scam, can make a million people distrust their neighbors a little bit more. I find that very creepy to have this sort of amplified power available to paid sociopaths. But what kills me is most people don't even realize this is happening. If we could at least see how we're being tricked we could overcome it. But a lot of people just haven't connected the dots yet for whatever reason, but I think that will change because this stuff is becoming increasingly known.

      [–]Tom_Bombadil 7 insightful - 3 fun7 insightful - 2 fun8 insightful - 3 fun -  (5 children)

      Saidit does have shills, and they do hijack the front page. This has to be dealt with. Your ignorance of the problem does not make it disappear.

      Nor should one user be able to take over the front page. This is a community, not one person's sounding board.


      [–]christnmusicreleases 4 insightful - 3 fun4 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 3 fun -  (2 children)

      Claiming that anyone who disagrees with you is a shill is not being intellectually honest, though.

      [–][deleted] 4 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

      I like what you post, but M7 does make valid points too.

      [–]Jesus 7 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 1 fun8 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

      Because 2/3 of your posts were idiotic disinformation and fear porn and you spammed it everywhere. You were asked to calm down, that's all. You're still here.

      [–]JasonCarswell 9 insightful - 5 fun9 insightful - 4 fun10 insightful - 5 fun -  (43 children)

      Blaming magnora7 and TheAmeliaMay for the site culture is like blaming my Dad's recent death on COVID. It's fucking retarded. My Dad had other serious health problems before he caught the flu and then to top it all they put him on a ventilator-death-machine for 3 weeks.

      Before these LXXX/MoronLeft guys there were the Voat folks, the IP2 chaos, the Opie & Anthony gang, TheDonald, and many many other Reddit refugee tribes, some better than others. And there will be more.

      M7's refusal to discuss improvements ads to the "site culture problem" - just as my prodding it does. Let's also not forget the ABCs: that Airbus320, bobbobbybob, Chipit, and socks seem to get away with shit disturbing with impunity. IMO, there's no one more divisive than the ABCs - certainly not TAM and her handful of mistakes.

      If M7 were to adopt open community-based solutions for fair social-management these "site culture problems" now dumped on the admins' shoulders would no longer exist and bobbobbybob's trans-phobic mental diarrhea would have to be funneled somewhere else.

      On the plus side, yesterday morning I had an epiphany idea that I'm drafting up now that may solve MOST of our big problems here on SaidIt, with or without M7 - preferably and ideally with his assistance and involvement.

      [–]magnora7 15 insightful - 4 fun15 insightful - 3 fun16 insightful - 4 fun -  (40 children)

      So your solution to troll drama is to have a bunch of endless public discussions centered around the troll drama?

      Sounds like a terrible idea that only encourages the trolls and gives them more power. Not happening.

      [–]JasonCarswell 5 insightful - 4 fun5 insightful - 3 fun6 insightful - 4 fun -  (39 children)

      We'll never know for sure if you don't at least try something, like containing it, will we? If you honestly give it a try, and it works, then great. Maybe it needs tweaking. Or, if it's a disaster then lock the sub and resume the old way. Nothing is permanent and no lives are at stake, so I don't know why it can't simply be attempted.

      Perhaps I wasn't clear enough, it's not for all STABs. The obvious and new STABs can be whack-a-troll dealt with as is.

      The older active problematic users like DioJr, the ABCs, and even me or christnmusicreleases if you so wish, deserve open transparent trials by a trusted-team with respected wisdom. You pick them, let people vote for them, or whatever. I respect folks like AXXA, christnmusicreleases, D3, DeWho, Fred, happysmash, Hibiki, jamesK, Jesus, Larry, M7, Musky, Orangutan, TAM, Tom, zyxzevn, and many more friends who aren't highlighted on /s/all right now that I know with varying degrees of certainty. Your list may be different than my short sample list here. Between them I'm quite sure your respected team can come to a conclusion with minimal drama in a timely fashion (NOT endless), save you the headache, and distribute the target and blame that's all on you now as judge, jury, and executioner.

      Why you can't see this is beyond me.

      Regardless of how much you hate me for being crass on rare occasions, these ideas are in your and all of our best interests.

      Meanwhile, under your current "system" your site is infested with trolls and a "site culture problem".

      [–]magnora7 10 insightful - 3 fun10 insightful - 2 fun11 insightful - 3 fun -  (38 children)

      I am containing it. That is what I am already doing.

      What you are proposing is the opposite of containing it. You are proposing to have it bleed over in to every aspect of the website, and stir up a lot of drama. That's the opposite of a solution. That will definitely make things worse. You're basically advocating to create a witchhunt atmosphere.

      Not happening. Thanks for the idea, but it's not ever happening.

      [–]JasonCarswell 3 insightful - 3 fun3 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 3 fun -  (37 children)


      You're clearly not containing it, nor is it fair.

      You are being retarded. Containing it is the opposite of bleeding over. Having a trusted team is the opposite of drama. This OP is the fucking definition of drama - stemming from YOU and your policies, or lack thereof.

      You don't know for certain "that will definitely make things worse" because you've never even fucking tried it.

      " You're basically advocating for a witchhunt atmosphere. "

      LOL! Priceless coming from you, the guy who's been witch hunting me.

      Because you're to dense, I'll repeat FYI: You'll still always be in charge, with veto power, and can call off any "witch hunts" you see fit. Even to protect your ABCs STABs that I haven't ever seen you call out for misbehaving. At worst in these comments you called Bob3 a "genius".

      " it's not ever happening. "

      Then all the SaidIt loss is yours, past, present, and future.

      [–]magnora7 10 insightful - 3 fun10 insightful - 2 fun11 insightful - 3 fun -  (30 children)

      So you advocate for more censorship, while also posting about your friend who was censored on a daily basis.

      You want contradictory things. And you don't even realize it. And this is somehow my fault? lol

      Also we did try it, when I was gone because of the ice storm and you PM'd amelia and convinced them to make that "public trials" post, which caused a ridiculous amount of drama. So yes, we've tried it and it clearly failed. It's a non-starter. It doesn't work.

      [–]christnmusicreleases 4 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 2 fun -  (7 children)

      Why not divide the site via left/center/right filtering? Then you don't have to censor anyone. You can set the default to center.

      The problem with the left is they push for power, and when in power censor the right. The right allow everyone their fair shake, and they aren't as motivated to lead. Which is why they are losing right now. There's actually a law written about this. You claim to be center, but you're pushing the agenda of the left, so as far as I'm concerned you're left in intent, or effect. In reality you're probably center-left, but once you past center and go left, you get pulled into a black hole and end up much further than where you started. I was political center as a student, but as the left encroached over the mainstream in the past decades, I became increasingly more right-wing as a response to that encroachment.

      As an example, Canadian political parties are generally far left, left, and right. Usually left or far left win the elections. Only occasionally do the right win. The left call themselves centrists but their policies are quite liberal belying that label.

      [–]Tom_Bombadil 3 insightful - 3 fun3 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 3 fun -  (1 child)

      If M7 were to adopt open community-based solutions for fair social-management these "site culture problems" now dumped on the admins' shoulders would no longer exist

      Do you have any examples of large forums where this has been successful?

      [–][deleted] 7 insightful - 8 fun7 insightful - 7 fun8 insightful - 8 fun -  (1 child)

      Dear bobbobbybob, in the immortal words of bobbobbybob: "stop whining".

      [–]VirgilGriff 8 insightful - 5 fun8 insightful - 4 fun9 insightful - 5 fun -  (8 children)

      Community vote: ban this user

      [–]Airbus320 6 insightful - 5 fun6 insightful - 4 fun7 insightful - 5 fun -  (6 children)

      I vote yes but let's add Jason to the mix too

      [–]JasonCarswell 4 insightful - 5 fun4 insightful - 4 fun5 insightful - 5 fun -  (1 child)

      It's no secret Airbus is gay for me as his horny asstroll stalks me around endlessly.

      [–]JasonCarswell 3 insightful - 3 fun3 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)

      Seconded. Despite the many things we share in common, Bob3 has got some serious mind blocks prolifically expressed in perpetually downward actions.

      Caveat: I'd rather M7 just fucking talk some sense into him with an ultimatum to shape up or be cut out.

      [–]ArcturianDeathTrap 9 insightful - 2 fun9 insightful - 1 fun10 insightful - 2 fun -  (8 children)

      Shit. Theyre killing interesting links and discussion.

      Upvote the OP post and reload the page, then look at the upvotes.

      [–]magnora7 17 insightful - 4 fun17 insightful - 3 fun18 insightful - 4 fun -  (7 children)

      Yeah I'm deleting shill posts that are designed to make this website look like a far-right insane asylum to drive everyone else away. If this is a surprise to you then you don't really understand how modern forums work

      [–]AnarchySpeach 8 insightful - 4 fun8 insightful - 3 fun9 insightful - 4 fun -  (1 child)

      Bloody hell. Those logs are a trip. The amount of spam and madness is nightmarish. Keep up the good work.

      [–]magnora7 6 insightful - 3 fun6 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)

      Lol nightmarish is a good word for it. It really is ridiculous the amount there is. And that log is just one specific sub too. Thanks for the words of encouragement

      [–]christnmusicreleases 6 insightful - 5 fun6 insightful - 4 fun7 insightful - 5 fun -  (1 child)

      So you finally admit to having a political censorship agenda.

      I've been using forums since the BBS days, and have modded and admined a few, and even experimented with my own. The biggest issue in moderation is usually spam and astroturfers, far right astroturfing is a relatively new phenomenon, it seemed to happen right around the election of Donald Trump as politicians needed substance for their Russian Hoax accusations. That fizzled out, obviously, but the trolls and shills of all persuasions are mostly bots now, with programmed emotional responses designed to look like real users, and real people managing groups of these bots (they had this since the beginning of Reddit).

      [–][deleted] 7 insightful - 5 fun7 insightful - 4 fun8 insightful - 5 fun -  (5 children)

      We can't go one week without saidit interpersonal drama.

      Amelia does a lot of upkeep on this site and I appreciate that.

      Yes she makes moderation decisions we don't like. I even had my own shit deleted.

      [–]JasonCarswell 3 insightful - 3 fun3 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)


      [–]Chipit 7 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 1 fun8 insightful - 2 fun -  (5 children)

      You notice the only ones complaining are heavily into site drama. :( it's hard to even notice if you're just a, regular user.

      [–]magnora7 6 insightful - 4 fun6 insightful - 3 fun7 insightful - 4 fun -  (4 children)

      I'd like to remind everyone there is a "block user" and a "block sub" button under every post and every comment. Please use them! You can unblock users by going to your user preferences and clicking the "blocked" tab, or unblock subs by going to that sub directly and hitting "unblock sub" under any post

      [–]Chipit 8 insightful - 3 fun8 insightful - 2 fun9 insightful - 3 fun -  (3 children)

      Yeah, but I don't believe in blocking users. When they spew bullshit someone's got to be there to tell the rest of the site that it's bullshit. When you block them you take yourself out of the loop.

      [–]absoluteblasphemy 7 insightful - 2 fun7 insightful - 1 fun8 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

      Cautious, definitely. Think I’m one of the few females that role outside of GC spaces, I’m not there for the feminist bent lmao the gender bullshit has nothing to do with feminism imo. It’s a pathological medical, psychological phenomenon.

      I don’t say that lightly, like... I knew people in the trans community intimately, I cared about them, they were my friends. But they are regressed, addicted, validation seeking, looking for answers in hormones and surgery. Why are we not laying down clearly that what needs to happen is maturing to the point of accepting we can no longer play as the gender we’re not. It stops people self actualising just like any belief that gets corrupted.

      That’s my observation, so I think in that regard reasonable doubt should be shone on whether a person with enough cognitive dissonance to believe they’re the opposite sex is capable of moderating justly.

      If we see a dramatic tone shift then you know. I just don’t believe this stuff should be breathed, it’s like rophypnol that makes you think a man can invert his penis and become female.

      [–]Airbus320 5 insightful - 5 fun5 insightful - 4 fun6 insightful - 5 fun -  (0 children)


      [–]Exconduckducktor 5 insightful - 3 fun5 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 3 fun -  (1 child)

      well he hasnt deleted this post so maybe your wrong.