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You probably already noticed this, but currently the comment voting buttons are different from the post voting buttons. The comment buttons are always showing the activated button images and don't change when clicked (except the CSS border). I guess that's the only other thing that needs updating besides the activated bulb having yellow in it

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The posts look like that too, for me.

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Oh they changed just recently again I guess, d3rr is updating them as we converse

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No, I think it's your cache. I haven't touched anything since last night. I'll make try to improve things in a couple of hours. If you have preferences about this stuff I'm all ears. I think I will add background to the SVG icons to match what we used to have, or just change the existing bg color that changes when voted.

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Yeah must've been my cache.

I like the background of the button darkening, that's a nice improvement. If you had that, plus the images that change when you click them (including the lightbulb turning yellow when activated) I think it'd be perfect. I liked the gray images for unactivated, and yellow-containing images for activated buttons. This, plus the button background darkening like you have it, would be ideal to me.

Not sure how doable that is, I know it's a ridiculously fickle system to configure, but that would be my preference

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The current version looks fantastic. Well done.

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