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So, do you like it or hate it?

I remember when seeing first time SaidIt to be put off by those smudged icons (and not really stunning overall visuals). It discouraged me from even trying SaidIt and I ended up on other alternative forum. So, here I am trying to (hopefully) improve it.

Made in Inkscape, had to tweak styles a bit. Currently I don't plan to release it. It has a lot of issues, e.g. only compatible with light theme and default styles (pretty sure it won't play nice with most subs' custom css), it's injected via an unsigned browser extension so only few users could actually use it (Vivaldi and maybe Chromium supports that).

If devs are interested, I can send the svg files.

Edit: Wow, I wasn't expecting such interest (remixing?) nor a response from the devs. Spent some time with readme, polished icons a bit (I might give the bulb another pass to be properly lid), added I think pretty free license, so there it is: . svg files are in src/assets. The project is a bit messy (e.g. the build configuration is all over the place), so please don't judge too hard :D.

Perma links:

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I like them, but I think that the bulb in the second icon should be lit up. I would also prefer for the eye shapes to be adjusted to look like the original, but it's fine this way too.

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Yeah, the bulb is just one image and I used invert filter from css (was a bit lazy), that's why it isn't lit up 😅. I consider this just a prototype, didn't expect such positive responses. I already made another pass (shortened "stem" of a bulb and slightly moved face to the left so it's closer to the original)

By the eye shapes, you mean rotate them a bit so they point more at a nose area or something else?

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By the eye shapes, you mean rotate them a bit so they point more at a nose area or something else?

Yeah, kind of. I just thought that the eyes looked more like this rather than this in the original icon.