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I thought the answer would be "suicide".

All joking aside, I'd stated as much many times before and even within the last couple weeks a time or few.

I suggested that people be temp banned for 2 days, then 2 weeks, then permanently.

I've also suggested that 3 strikes with each strike expiring after a time, such as 6 months, meaning that if you fuck up once per season max, you'll be gone in under a year.

Most of all I firmly believe it should not be up to one person's discretion and that we should have trusted teams for fairness on SaidIt.

Since I've not been updated otherwise, I still have at least 2 strikes over my head from years ago, though I'm still very unclear what for specifically other than we had a spat.

Do me a solid and make up and/or leave Amelia out of it.

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I thought the answer would be "suicide".

I was so tempted to post that on your thing, when you were writing about reasons you might not be around. Lol.

I suggested that people be temp banned for 2 days, then 2 weeks, then permanently.


Isn't that what we all hate about reddit? Why not just do 2 day bans. Amelia will have a blast banning people for 2 days, nobody is permed, everyone wins.

Do me a solid and make up and/or leave Amelia out of it.

She is integral to my plan.

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I didn't know either—I've missed a few mini-series over the years. So here is Urban Dict on based: The quality of having an opinion without regard for what other people think, often a controversial opinion but not always. Upon expressing such an opinion it is customary for others to acknowledge the person as being based.

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Ah, well that sounds nice.

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I thought is was also associated with conservatives, the Right, and/or Alt-Right. Or maybe that's just the examples I've seen, aside from Shoe0nHead.

Also, while not necessarily, it seems like it's often a compliment and praise for being courageous in your convictions.

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I agree completely but that was the most upvoted definition on Urban Dictionary, that is pretty sketchy, but I rely on it as an expatriate. I'm guessing the average age on UD is 19. I thought it just meant a Trump supporter who was well-informed.

I like ShoeOnHead even though we don't always agree—reference to a Dali painting and the movie Brazil that I recommend to everyone who hasn't seen it, if you can find it.

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Even Wiktionary is compromised too.

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Sadly some users, even prolific ones, force themselves out. Apparently /u/useless_aether did. I'm also trying to remember the other one who was 50/50 but slid.

Trolling on Amelia is not integral to anything.

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Trolling on Amelia is not integral to anything

We must have different definitions of that word.

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Shit disturbing.

What's your definition?

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Trolls try to provoke a negative reaction for their own amusement. It's not just anything someone does you don't like, which is how it seems to be used these days.

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Fair enough.

So trolls are shit disturbers for self-amusement. Masturbatrollers.

What do you call shit disturber stalkers?

What do you call shit disturbers infiltrators intend on destroying a forum?

What do you call shit disturbers infiltrators intend on destroying a forum, quickly, loudly, and obviously?

What do you call shit disturbers infiltrators intend on destroying a forum, slowly over the long haul? Shills? Not accurate if they're not paid.

I call all of them asstrolls.

I didn't call you a troll, but I said your actions were trolling - also means fishing for shit.

Edit: This might be a good post for /s/Terminology.

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I think there's a disconnect between what I mean and how it's coming across to you. Banning people, from an administrative viewpoint is necessary. It is an important consideration to allow an admin the authority to ban people on their own recognizance. Why you think me talking about it is a jab at Amelia, besides maybe a little playfully is slightly confusing.

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Okay. It's not clear that it was actually playful.

I don't know a lot of things. I do know TAM did the best possible under the circumstances during the Texas crisis and was heavily criticized. Further, you guys had some issue and TAM tried to make it right. I don't know if that effort was good enough, successful, or if you still held grudges. M7 may be as sensitive as TAM is but he doesn't share it.

Regardless, I don't make fun of folks, except when calling out their hypocrisy, prejudice, prudishness, narrow mindedness, and absurdities. More often I try to amuse myself and the readers.

Lastly, I aim to defend SaidIt and its integrity, even if I constructively criticize the few issues I have with how it's run on occasion. I have no reasons to attack M7 or TAM directly, even in jest, and I stay clear of criticizing their admin actions too as much as possible.

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Oh... I was wondering who the fuck Tam was. Lol. Just clicked.

People will get over it but there's still some hurt feelings. C'est la vie.

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Go temp ban yourself

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Cat Stevens Islam Yusuf

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I'm being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow. — Cat Stevens

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Yusuf estes is from texas and based unlike u/Americanmuskrat

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What does based mean?

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I put my answer in the wrong place. See above.

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate. Shake it off. — Jonathan Swift

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send them back to reddit for a month.

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Why do you always post with dashes and then one empty dash at the end

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The dashes are code for a line space.

You are only the second person to point this out because most people can't see them.

Apparently the line space code is visible in one of the mobile apps or mobile browser modes. I'd like to know what you're using. I pinged /u/d3rr before (and just now) and suspect he'd like to know too.

I also wonder how much of the Commenting wiki manual (issues, tips, tricks, Markdown code formatting guide) is accurate only for PC browsers.

I care about grammar, punctuation, capitals, and presentation, out of respect for the readers and for clarity. Why bother to share anything at all if it's a struggle to decode and read?

I stopped bitching about the SaidIt GUI a long time ago and created custom CSS's to improve all the stupid little things that could easily make SaidIt a better experience. One of these things that drives me nuts is the space between paragraphs is much too tight needing only a pixel or two more.

More than not having the paragraphs blend together into a single mass, the silhouette of block of text is important for keeping on the correct line as you're reading. If you start on the top line of a paragraph and reach the end of the line you must continue on the second line, but if that second line is muddled within a block of text it's harder to read.

Ironically my eyes were just fine when I started the CSS and this (bad?) habit of re-formatting everything, but over the last year it's become obvious that I need glasses and my eyes are declining more than I'd prefer.

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Interesting. I'm simply using the official saidit app from the Google play store, I think /u/magnora7 manages the public repo for the app, forked from some other project.

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Yup it's forked from RedReader, and actually d3rr manages the redreader repo

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I'm sure /u/d3rr, former co-admin of SaidIt, is/(was?) involved too.

Unfinished and partly outdated, this article has more info:

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Because he is the fake left

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I recommend 'purgatory' votes: allow users to vote on placing some items in a 'purgatory' sub that remains linked at the top of the banner, but is not in the original sub. If something gets enough purgatory votes (eg. 10+), it moves to that sub, which is still accessible to everyone. If it gets enough insightful and/or funny votes, or while in purgatory (eg. 10+), it remains or appears again in its original sub. In this manner we can see what users don't want, but not necessarily 'downvote' posts. (/u/theameliamay and /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr)

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This whole suggestion is just what a brigade or a shill operating multiple sock puppet accounts would want in order to be able to shift and mold what gets seen and what doesn't.

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Leave me alone, Bob

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Mildly interesting, but it's a distinction without a difference IMO. It could easily be gamed.

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How about a self-temporary ban?

I think the root of the problem is that there are people here who spend 16 hours a day on this website and it's taken over their lives. Take a break! Go outside! Go post on some other site! Jesus people.

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but then who would tell them that they're wrong and i am right /s

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I know, right. Righteous JC, am I right?

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i used to spend 16 hours and more per day on this site, but i have vowed to turn off my computer after i am on here for twelve hours and then smoke some crack, so i can get my priorities straight.

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Says one of the users who seems to be here quite often.

No one will temporarily 'ban' themselves. Yes, they might take a break.

I think it's time to think about 'purgatory' votes: allow users to vote on placing some items in a 'purgatory' sub.

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No, seriously. How about an "I'm going to take a break from the website for a week" button and then you're off for a week. It would do wonders for some people to be relieved.

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I see. This might work for some. I know of sites that have, "account parked", which seems to be easy to arrange. Wheras I wouldn't be missed if I were gone for a week (no need to park), the more active users might never wish to park themselves. (Airbus would be devastated. :-) Perhaps M7 could ask a user to park the account for a week, or risk being banned.

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Perhaps M7 could tell a user to park the account for a week, or risk being banned.

That's bullshit coercion. I'm just saying have a button where if someone wants a break from the site, they can get it and the site will actually enforce it. Like a button that makes you only eat salads and not miss workouts for a week. It's good for you.

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That's a hostile response.

(My reference is to the broader purpose of Muskrat's post.)

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You're that person

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I feel like bans are overrated. Instead have 4 hours mute or 8 hours mute.

Troll will just make new account. Someone who's ban will cause drama as to why he was unjustly ban and ban are quite subjective.

A temporary mute will have the same effect as the ban, but will avoid the drama.

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They'll still find some way to make drama, even if you don't mute them — that's really what this post is about; musky likes drama.

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I think it's a legit over-simple idea. He's also carrying a grudge for you that IMO shouldn't have been posted. If he's like me in some of my posts, he didn't expect this post to get 65 comments. Drama is certainly something folks like, necessary on occasion and usually unhealthy in the long term.

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He just wants attention.

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and you like to be arrogant and abuse your admin position. Oh, and lie and gaslight

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Outrageous claims require outrageous evidence. Proof?

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temp bans do not work on this site, because of how easy it is to create additional userid's..

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Real bans don't work on this site, considering how one guy managed to make hundreds of them.

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Pot stirrer

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Kettle black toilet bowl.

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He's just trying to create drama (again), because he knows that's the only way he'll get attention.

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what an arrogant way of dismissing a good idea. /u/magnora7, this kind of speech is WHY ameliamay is not suited to administration.

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Lets temp ban you, you have been very annoying lately

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Nonsense if you're referring to TAM.

Agreed if you're referring to Airbus.

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    You are talking about corruptible democracy and tyranny of the masses.

    Here's a better way: The owner of their decentralized domain selects their own judges, they decide among themselves who stays and goes and who judges or doesn't with the veto of the domain owner. If things get corrupted everyone migrates with their history backed up to another instance away from the corruption. The judges need a known history of proven actions that build trust. No elections necessary, though it might be nice to have 50% elected for the sake of the unproven masses.

    Judges are only necessary for the problems that only arise when longterm accounts devolve or are a persistent problem. These cases should be far and few between on SaidIt, however on something as big as Reddit they could be full time jobs. Regardless, their judgements should be open and transparent and well scrutinized.

    Obvious spam and asstrolls demand swift banning.

    See also: fairness on SaidIt, also as 1/7 of a next-gen Phoenix Forum

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    Musky's being a douche-bag drama queen as usual.

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    Tsk-tsk. Just make up already. You and AM needn't waste time on trivialities. There's no TAM without AM(sorry, I'm inebriated and couldn't help myself). I think his idea makes sense but it's gonna fall on deaf ears like most of JC's posts. And to stuttering Bob, fuck off. This borders on harassment. Leave it alone. You've said far worse shit.

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    It's a pretty good idea, but there's no reason for him to mention me — other than the simple fact that he desperately wants my attention. He used to be the funny drunk who always made me laugh, and now he's the drunken asshole who I always roll my eyes at.

    To be fair, I was already an asshole to begin with — but I don't try to be. He's going out of his way to revive dead drama for attention. If he would've just left that part out: my comment would've been praising the idea, not calling him a douche-bag — which might seem like a bit much, but it's nowhere near the worst insult I could use. But no, he had to include that, because he doesn't want positive attention, he wants negative attention.

    Bob wants my attention as desperately as Musky does, which is why I ignore him — and you should too; he's a troll, perhaps u/loki88. Either that, or he has some kind of mental illness and has an obsession with me (he's gone on rant after rant about how he fished for karma just because I made a joke about having more than him, even though they're literally useless internet points). I'm just happy it's a hateful obsession and not a sexual one.

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    Before prudish M7 see's it and complains about downwardness, I recommend you edit the first comment to:
    "Musky's being a dramaqueen as usual," or something less gynocentric.

    IMO Bob3 is autistic, half clever and half retard, all in three.

    That's my 2 cents and now I'm going to unstick my nose for other places and bud out.

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    I recommend you edit the first comment to: "Musky's being a dramaqueen as usual,"


    IMO Bob3 is autistic, half clever and half retard, all in three.

    Lol, true.

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    Whatever happens is up to the two of you. It's none of my business; I just find it unfortunate. OTOH, BobbyBob's behaviour is harassing, troll or not. Anyway, that's my take on it. Let the chips fall where they may.

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    [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)


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    Name calling is very low on the pyramid of debate.

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    There's a key difference between calling the spade a hoe and calling it a spade.

    [–]AmericanMuskrat[S] 2 insightful - 3 fun2 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 3 fun -  (3 children)

    I think you should show more respect for your elders.

    [–][deleted] 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)

    There's a difference between not respecting someone, and wanting them to respect you.

    Also, it's really hard for me to respect alcoholics. I have yet to meet a single person who regularly drinks who isn't an asshole, criminal, or both. According to statistics:

    An estimated two-thirds of victims suffering from violence by a current or former spouse or partner report that the perpetrator had been drinking

    That's 66.67%, by the way.

    An estimated 37 percent of sexual assaults and rapes are committed by offenders who were under the influence of alcohol.


    Roughly four in ten child abusers have admitted to being under the influence of alcohol during the time of the offense.

    That's 40%.

    In fact, about 40 percent of convicted murderers had used alcohol before or during the crime.

    [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 3 fun1 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)


    You're only looking at the criminal reports, not humanity or even alcoholics as a whole. You might as well say 100% of criminals behave criminally. What about the rest who don't? It's the way they say pot is a gateway drug. You might as well say that cigarettes are a gateway to pot then - or that kissing is the gateway to rape. Just because many rapists kiss doesn't mean everyone who kisses rapes.

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    Strong data there btw, imo alcohoelics are not people

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    this is unacceptable speech from a site administrator

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    Your faux outrage seems to be all the rage bait this season.

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    I would prefer certain words commonly used in calls to violence to be banned. And that the post just has to be edited before posting. I dont want this to become Banning is a pretty heavy measure and is counter productive. Reddit tier suggestion designed to manipulate the forum. Ideally the whole site would not have rules and rather different subverses could set up their own. EG. I would like to ban Q stuff because it is retarded. It would be nice if I could first set myself what I see and if the subs i visit could set banned words and ect. Banning a person should not happen. It should not be possible to put something bannable

    [–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 3 fun2 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 3 fun -  (0 children)

    Not possible. A call to violence may use the same words as a description of a violent event. Human judgement is required, so perhaps flagging might be better. But even that I'm not convinced of as you've offered no list of words to even assess, nor can I even imagine a viable list much less a single word.

    Yes, most Q stuff is retarded, but that's not a reason to ban it. Whoever posts it obviously needs the community to teach them how/why it's retarded.