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personally, I think that allowing 'discussion' of pediophilla is a one way ticket to site death. One of our site rules is no sexualisation of minors, and i think that rule should stand, without debate. If you don't like it, go elsewhere.

We can talk about anything else, including nazis, and /u/theameliamay backed right away from his 'ill ban your for advocating violence if you praise hitler' bullshit. Although /u/magnora7 has publicly posted support for tam, as he must, behind the scenes i expect that he got a dose of reality. Quite why we get a tranny mod who wants to be Stalin and lost dj, I don't understand.

So, despite me being in long standing conflict with one of the new admins, and despite me agreeing with you about dj, if you push for debate about pedophilia, I"ll be there telling you to FUCK OFF

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You just want me to unban people who openly broke site rules rules repeatedly? No. Sorry, not happening.

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Oh look it's another troll alt account. Exact same talking points as every post about this, down to the bulletpoint lists, mentions of jasoncarswell for no reason at all, and wanting the unban of diogenesjunior. Every day, same troll post.

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And the unnecessary list. There's literally no reason the post should be a list.

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Larryswinger isn't a troll.

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Yes he is

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People say you're a troll too, and people say Jason is a troll, people say Socks is a shill. Apparently I'm a racist misogynist. People call people a lot of shit here, I rarely think it's true.

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Hah, it's a literal two-cent coin. I used to have one of those when I was a kid.

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Note that this is two eurocents. They don't get used anymore, but they aren't rare at all.

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Same difference. They're odd coins that you look at for five seconds before realizing they're practically worthless.

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Fantastic post!!!

Sorry I missed it until now.

I hadn't considered my protest a strike, but I can see the similarities. I think this post is not so different either.

Excellent examples cited too.

Except the pedo thing. I completely agree with you that it should be discussed freely and civilly to become aware and educated about it (with serious caveats), but IMO that and these issues should not be associated together in a single post. What's said is said.

Worth repeating: Fantastic post!!!

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Yes, the difference is just that I'm not planning to post about it repeatedly. I encapsulated a couple of unrelated incidents here. When one thing happens, I just take note of it, but the banning of dj was the last straw for me and I couldn't keep quiet anymore.

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...and I couldn't keep quiet anymore.

Why bother saying anything at all? Did you think it made a difference?

I'm not expecting mine to make a difference either. But I'm sure hoping it does.

It is the least annoying thing I could think of, while keeping it alive, not forgetting, and squeaking until it gets oiled. With humour. Besides a weekly meme I'm done with trying to improve SaidIt. All my focus will be on /s/PhoenixForum where we can brainstorm and prepare a better forum and social-management systems rather than pleading with a deaf benevolent dictator.

You've been here 10 months, me: ~28. I've seen more of it.

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Why bother saying anything at all? Did you think it made a difference?

I was mostly articulating it for myself because I didn't want to keep it bottled up, and I wanted to see where it'd lead.

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and I wanted to see where it'd lead.

That's what I'm doing too. One could argue that we're shit disturbers, but I'd argue we're throwing concepts at the wall to see what sticks, or better: we're trying to draw out and motivate solutions to improve the place.

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Ok shill, noone cares