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New guy here. I've known saidit was here for a while but never jumped over. I like the no downvote feature, and blocking offending users and subs is easy peasy, so whatever metadrama comes up can be quickly muted/blocked.

I like how there's plenty of users across the political and worldview spectrums, but every other post isn't n-bomb this, tranny that, and mindless shit posting. I know it's different for older users who know each other and have history here, maybe friends involved in the current drama, but due to the above mentioned easy peasy, saidit's current spam/ban/whatever war are just noise in the background.

Compared to poal and the recently deceased voat, this place is a quiet conversation in a relaxing park.

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Welcome. is new.

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Thanks, I'll check it out. There's a forum at too, but I haven't made a user there.

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I've been here for months, but a few Redditors privately told me about saidit after I was banned from the ActuallyLesbian (not to be mistaken for the actuallesbians sub) subreddit last week. There's like an Underground Railroad on Reddit with "conductors" guiding people to saidit. Lol ...the "main" lesbian subreddit. ...a smaller lesbian subreddit.

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the "main" lesbian subreddit.

the main "lesbian" subreddit.There,fixed that for you.

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There's like an Underground Railroad on Reddit

There used to be a subreddit for reddit alternatives. It's obviously nuked now, but it lasted longer than I would expect.

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They nuked that sub!? That's how I found saidit.

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Or are they old users who got banned?

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i have 2 alt accounts on here now, just in case theameliamayniac gets her way and gets me silenced

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Well, I'm sure you're not a troublemaker.

BTW, I have no official capacity and have always been a shirker. I just don't want our playpen to get fouled.

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I'm no troublemaker. I am outspoken, though

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That's all right with me. Sticks and stones... Without outspoken people saidit and the world would be pretty boring.

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What's the issue here, why would you be silenced? I'm not up to date on this.

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There is a group on almost every free speech platform trying to do everything they can to get banned or removed and then complain about it as a tactic to dismantle free speech platforms. I don't have the patience to follow it, but the people complaining about bannings make a lot of nonsensical arguments. They inject nonsense into any conversation that gets interesting. They behave like shills, create alternate accounts, and when asked "why did you get banned" they lie. Expect to see a lot of claims of censorship, don't take it too seriously.

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... but the people complaining about bannings make a lot of nonsensical arguments. They inject nonsense into any conversation that gets interesting. They behave like shills, create alternate accounts, and when asked "why did you get banned" they lie. Expect to see a lot of claims of censorship, don't take it too seriously.

And usually on free speech platforms there is also a group of defenders who has no problems labeling anyone a shill. I saw it on Ruqqus. Even with clear evidence (public logs, public comments and posts, confirmed [by admins and other users] screenshots from discord) there was always a few users blindly defending admins. On Ruqqus at least admins in the case of bans usually eventually did the right thing, making those blind defenders look stupid in the end.

I am speaking generally. I saw some long time saidit users complaining about it, so I have my doubts about them being shills, but I don't really know what is happening currently on saidit, I am not that invested (got burned by Ruqqus, I have no intention of investing hundred+ hours of my free time and then finding out admins lied in their official statement what the platform is supposed to be about, and their actions and inactions are in direct contradiction with their supposed believes/goals; I am taking it slow this time).

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For what it's worth, from my limited perspective, despite being a flawed human (like all of us), secretive, prudish, and stubborn, magnora7 has never lied about what SaidIt is about. Certainly there's room for improvement on many fronts, but SaidIt is like no other and stands far above, especially when all things are considered.

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Certainly take any claims with a grain of salt, but don't assume that shills don't exist. The drama posts are there for you to read yourself. Keep in mind that if you spend 20 min reading about someone's complaints and still aren't sure what they are complaining about it's probably intentional.

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but don't assume that shills don't exist

My point was to also not assume anyone being against censorship or other actions of admins must be a shill. (After all shills may be, and I would guess are, on both sides of a drama. Furthering suspicion, distrust, trying to stoke the flames, increase division of userbase.)

Certainly take any claims with a grain of salt

Yep, that was what I meant. :)

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Keep in mind that if you spend 20 min reading about someone's complaints and still aren't sure what they are complaining about it's probably intentional.



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Expect to see a lot of claims of censorship, don't take it too seriously.

of course, that might also be their aim.

get you to start ignoring bullshit claims by the gazillions so you don't catch the real ones.

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tam hates that i know his deleted history

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Who's tam?

On s separate note, you know anything about ionic or colloidal silver? You seem sciency. httpss://

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our resident tranny admin, who is a basket case. He wiped his post history to hide what an absolute crazy mf he is.

I know very little about colloidal silver, sorry.

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Most of them are. I see dozens of accounts created every day to spam advertisements, rants about Americans, or to troll — the sudden increase in new accounts is likely caused by a specific troll, who uses them to vote on his own posts.

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That might be right in some cases but I'm sure many are new, new. Good & thanks.

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I missed the big split because I got some work-at-home temp stuff and did not dare open saidit because the work would never get done. I like some people on both sides so am glad I missed it.

But remember the old divide and conquer technique is used by intel to destroy forums like this and they are watching.

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They are always watching.

They are always at war with us.

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So it's the nonbinaries who are out to get us.

Good to know

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Naw, it's just some edgy Nazbols.

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One user of two weeks is calling for a downvote button.

Happens with each wave. They can get fucked though, because it won't happen.

Probably getting set up for another attack. Last week showed our admin team is weak and can be baited, so they may be laying the groundwork to get theameliamayniac to ban all the older users.

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Well, M7 was off the grid so it was an Apocalypse Now situation:

Who's in charge here?

I thought you was, suh.

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I'm not the kind of person they want.

But tell me, how did you KNOW M7 was offline? Was it because batshit crazy /u/theameliamay TOLD everyone?

lol. He's a total liability. People with mental disorders should not be admining anything,

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I didn't know until he was back online and posted about it. I have no back-channel communication with anyone, except once in a while but nothing about the running of the site, ever. It's a job I wouldn't want but I'm glad someone does it.

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Happens with each wave. They can get fucked though, because it won't happen.



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Thank you. I liked to start and end with the same word

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I find it easy to believe real people many are real people but also, the more real people leave reddit and come here, the more shills and bots will be sent to try to ruin saidit.

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first wave (me included) was reddit exodus

then it's gab exodus(edit:, which is now.)

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Why are people leaving Gab?

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Who cares? New users are good. Do you want to talk to the same 100 people all the time, or something? WTF.

This is supposed to be a Reddit replacement. Do you know everyone on Reddit?

I just get the idea that some people out there consider Saidit some kind of social club for themselves and their little buddies. It isn't. This site is going to the moon. Hopefully there will be thousands of new users, then millions.

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SaidIt has been under attack by asstrolls, bots, and psychological operations - among other things.

They now have bailout trillion$ to play with and fund their armies of asstrolls and A.I. bots. The future will not be easier for SaidIt and we need to evolve.

We need to be vigilant not complacent.

All the wars are converging - class war, culture war, cyber war, info war, truth war, etc etc etc.

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AI is getting really impressive, and if machine learning grows exponentially like it theoretically could it won't be long before you can have entire sites like this with one real user and everyone else is a bot. In fact I have my suspicions about a few accounts already here. It's hard to know who's real. I mean some are obvious, they wouldn't use bot in their user name for example. But we could really use a bot sniffing bot.

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Exactly. That's why we need to prepare for the future and future warfare, not just the current war.


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We need to be vigilant not complacent.

The fundamentals are sound.

Nuisance tactics are the only option they have, unless the system is modified.

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unless the system is modified

What do you have in mind?

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unless the system is modified

What do you have in mind?

No changes. The basics were optimized by Swartz, and co.
Swartz was as good as it gets in many aspects, and was an early advocate for free knowledge.

This version is a censorship resistant version of reddit. The site mechanics are a reddit "golden years" make and model, and some customization. And an app.

Reddit was hollowed out and sold out to diminish it from what is the current Saidit baseline resistance. And no down vote.
So they hate it.

Let's all quit hating.
Let's leave the site alone, or maybe polish up the woodwork and restore it.

What's the impetus for site change?

unless the system is modified

What do you have in mind?

No changes needed.

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I guess we're done here. No need to worry about future developments by evildoers or better voting systems or decentralizing or being rewarded for mostly thankless work. /s

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Do you know everyone on Reddit?

There is a small community I'm a part of on reddit and people do get to know each other. Around 600 contributors, which is a bit larger than here. I talk to them on the phone, have exchanged holiday presents and seeds/plants. I'd call them friends. Some of them even dated, but that was always a disaster.

It's nice. Not that I'm against saidit growing, but there is a nice element to knowing who you're talking to rather than it being just some random person.

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Wow. So it is a little social club for you. Yikes. Well, that explains a lot.

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Sure, I mean, why do you go to a forum if you don't want to talk to people?

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The fact that you can't think otherwise speaks volumes.

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I'm glad you're having a revelation here but I'd like to know how you view it.

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He's a shill and views it as a target to divide and destroy.

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Uh, I don't really get personally involved with the thousands of random people on internet forums. Sometimes you might recognize handles if they keep making really good comments, that's about it though. Besides, I've seen photos of "reddit meetups" - shudder.

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But it's not thousands here, it's a hundred people contributing maybe. I know most people here, I'd figure you would too.

Sometimes you might recognize handles if they keep making really good comments

Or have a really awesome handle like AmericanMuskrat. Seriously, I have noticed a difference in the frequency and tone of responses determinate upon my user name. Probably the best response I ever got was a name that made some people thought was female -- not intentionally of course.

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Yeah, it's obvious you're here for the feelgoods because that's obviously lacking in some other part of your life. That's kinda sad. It goes a long way to explain why people get so worked up about this site though - they don't have anything else. Jeez, this is just a website. I post and comment on, what...two dozen maybe? I don't even keep track.

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Yeah, it's obvious you're here for the feelgoods because that's obviously lacking in some other part of your life

That doesn't make sense logically, simply because someone does something does not imply anything is lacking, it's simply what I enjoy.

You're a very pessimistic fellow.

I post and comment on, what...two dozen maybe? I don't even keep track.

You're also one of the most prolific and popular posters on here. Did you not know that?

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Chipit's here cause he gets paid to demoralize.

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Great post.

IIRC downvote on SaidIt can never happen. The database is only configured for 2 votes - no additions. No need to sweat it.


I drafted yesterday and posted today:
Please Consider These Potential New Subs, Volume 1 | Part 1: NewSaidits' Proposed Guidelines + Part 2: Potentially Fun Interactive Subs

I kept it focused on lighter ideas avoiding heavier topics and politics despite being tempted. I was very close to making an exception for one particular idea...

Proposed sub: /s/InfiltratorWatch

Purpose: A sub for organizing some kind of SaidIt counter-troll awareness and resistance campaign. In this sub our community could discuss what forms and functions this "Infiltrator Watch" takes (for lack of a better name). Here's a list of ideas to consider employing, with additions and/or subtractions as we see fit:

  • a weekly newsletter cautioning SaidIt on trolls
  • exposing troll techniques
  • current events involving trolls and bots
  • developing creative fun or interactive projects (to keep this from getting boring and people becoming complacent)
  • provide tools to recognize and endure troll psychological attacks
  • promote cooperative self-policing of our own community (rather than rely solely on admins and mods that may or may not be active everywhere at all times)
  • SaidIt savvy tools (like the OP pointing out how to easily recognize new users)
  • how to be skeptical of new users without alienating authentic fresh voices
  • troll tactics, short games, long games, etc.
  • pattern recognition in names
  • precautions not to openly expose patterns to cause the trolls and bots to just change their routines
  • developing Private Message networks of trusted friends for emergencies and/or SaidIt news
    1. develop ways to fairly best determine who's trustworthy without tribalism, drama, and/or pettiness
    2. a post or wiki can maintain a tree of names openly (or WOSC?)
    3. the tree has no social status ranking, it's just a route of delivery, listing who's responsible for sending and who receives
    4. a seeder sends a message to 10 people who send the message to 10 people who send the message to 10 people who send the message to 10 people and you've covered most people.
    5. confirm that all branches of the tree were successfully delivered to
  • etc.

I have not been sleeping well so the ideas are not flowing as freely, but I'm quite sure there are many other potential angles and such to consider here.

Should I bother posting this comment in /s/NewSaidits?

What do you think of /s/InfiltratorWatch (for lack of a better name)?

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Step in the right direction. I always wondered if we could have a decentralized tribunal system, where lets say x amount of random people get selected to review a case were a user has been reported (past a threshold). Now to help prevent bad actors, when you report a user, you have to stake crypto, if the jury deems the reported user a troll and the case is in your favor, you and everyone who voted correctly gets crypto from all the user who voted in the other direction.

Idea stolen from the Colony DAO, how to deal with conflict resolution. We could totally have this system on our Web3 based forum.

[–]JasonCarswell 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

Great ideas, though initially I felt like the crypto could somehow be gamed, the excellent demo video squashed those concerns.

Reposted the video: /s/PhoenixForum/comments/7i2q/how_to_build_a_dao_decentralized_autonomous/

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It's probably because of r/watchredditdie getting very popular and that leading to this site.

[–]ArcturianDeathTrap 4 insightful - 3 fun4 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 3 fun -  (2 children)

I dropped the link on a few places last week. Enjoy the new hoopleheads!

[–]JasonCarswell 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

What are hoopleheads?

From North Dakota or do you mean something else?

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Good job.

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Just name more mods/admins to deal with the bots.

Having more people is a good thing. Having different opinions also is.

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First, we should ask the bot admins if they even need more admins or if they can manage.

Related, admins are not even necessary for assessing problematic users, as I've outlined here.

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It says there are a lot of users / subscribers, but the activity does not seem to indicate so.

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As with most websites, people make an account, have fun for a couple days, then leave.

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Most new accounts are created by robots or trolls. There are some legitimate users, but don't get your hopes up.

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How many are unique users versus sock puppet accounts for new and existing shills/trolls?

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Idk, but I welcome it. Been here since the massive reddit purge last summer (because according to reddit and MSM I'm a Russian bot/shill account), and appreciating the site's been more active lately.

As for the requests for changing, that's probably just a common thing with new users.

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Yes... VOAT climbed THOUSANDS of positions in DEC20 shortly before it shut down and now POAL too.

SAIDIT and Ruqqus have increased traffic and it is all because REDDIT is complete and utter S H I T.

If SAIDIT, POAL and Ruqqus united it d be great.

Oh...and the people from Patriots.Win.

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I'm mostly a lurker here, and not even all that often anymore - finding less and less use for clearnet these days, and left reddit loooong ago. But hey, what's up all? Not a bot, just another opinionated asshole.

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saiditter for 12 hours

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I'm new. I was trying to join Ovarit but I needed an invitation code.