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no thanks. I like it how it is. what's the issue? learn to speed read or something. I like to add alternative interpretations of the contents of the pages i link to.

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It is more determined by style of posting.
Most titles are just click-bait. I usually add a comment within brackets () to add the relevant information.
In a comment I place what I think of the link/article.

People can just make titles like: "Can you believe THIS?" / "Gates is Evil".
I see that more often on reddit. I am happy that the long titles actually makes titles like that go away.

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300 is already not enough to express thoughts. People don't read articles, they read titles. 500 would be more like it.

Titles like "Pelosi announces new restrictions" don't get clicked, for good reason.

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I use the long titles to add relevant information. "Pelosi announces new restrictions (NY is now in military lockdown, may take weeks) [NewYorkPost]"