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Can we get a public list for any and all account's ban? Time, date, reasoning?

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That's what I want, but it's private, and magnora might not want me to publish it.

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magnora might not want me to publish it.

Interesting. Any clue or argument as to why not to add the feature?

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I'd have to ask for his input. Make a post at s/gov and maybe we can discuss it!

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I started a banned list.

M7 didn't like documenting bans as he felt they made SaidIt look bad and I'd assume censor-happy. That's ridiculous and IMO he should have leaned into it, warts and all, and defended the concept that freedom of speech does not mean a free for all where asstrolls shit all over the place. Better to make examples of them, IMO, though that may not be a legit concept.

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freedom of speech does not mean a free for all where asstrolls shit all over the place.

Agreed. It seems some moderation from the community is needed. Instead of a downvote, the community should be given another kind of vote option for shitposts that aren't insightful or funny (as long as the posts remain).

Seems your list was edited by diogenesjunior, who is seemingly MIA

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Wasn't that the block user button, or hide tab next to the text? You have the freedom to shield yourself from stupidity, but not if you're too dumb to figure out how.

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My reference is to NOT censor the posts, so that I and others can see them. Understand?

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Ignoring it is your personal vote against wanting to see it.

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I am obviously not at Saidit with the hope of creating an echo chamber for myself, even if one could do that. Why would anyone spend time at Saidit whilst wanting to censor the posts for themselves? That's against core principles of the site. There's no need to be here if you want to censor posts you don't like. I am sure others do it, but it's not in line with the Saidit ethos regarding free speech &c. And I am obviously not here because I agree with anyone. What's the point of that? (Numerous websites have material I agree with; I can visit those if I wish. Saidit helps offer alternative points of view. Blocking or censoring anything here would be ridiculous, if we are to appreciate the mission of the site.)

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I know, Airbus. It's not your fault....

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DioJr was banned by M7, unjustly IMO, with what little I know.

Which list?

Full disclosure: I have yet to read this post and the 292 comments, so I'm not in the loop, nor for much of the last few months.

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The ban is surprising.

You link to this list, which has a 'revision' by Dio at the bottom, from 5 months ago:

Indeed - the 292 comments on this post seem to indicate that there is a good number of users at Saidit who are very interested in it's development

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I stopped bothering with that list long ago, mostly because I felt it was inaccurate due to the countless things I'll never know about. Finding out from M7 was impossible. Everything else was luck. I had no interest in diving for a shit list few would read. The wikis on SaidIt are VERY under utilized.

I suspect I told DioJr about the list and it seems he added:
/s/ice_poseidon2 ([Banned from Saidit on August 17, 2020]

He was/is a good one IMO.

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Yes - I agree. He often had interesting things to say - one of the smarter users on Saidit (even if he and I didn't necessarily agree, the discussions were interesting and kept me engaged. [Amelia noted that she wasn't sure why he deleted items and left. Perhaps there are changes in store that one admin might not be telling other admins, but who knows.]).

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...And I wonder if this is one of his last comments?: